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COVID-19 Court Information

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Visiting the Courthouse

Out of concern for public health and preventing the spread of COVID-19, the Clackamas County Circuit Court has implemented changes to many of our processes, procedures, and placed limits on our calendars, and matters that are currently being heard, as well as how those matters are heard (remote versus in person appearance).  Please be aware that due to COVID-19 and changes in process and procedure work may take longer to be completed.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this.

Please check this page often because as changes are made, we will update it to include all local orders, press releases and other information related to COVID-19.  

Hours of Operation
Pursuant to Presiding Judge Order 2021-17, beginning September 7, 2021 the court has increased most in-person business hours at our public counters.  To view our hours, please go to Court Hours of Operation page.

The Courthouse is open Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) from 8am to 5pm.

Contact Us

  Please Contact Us by Email:    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many court employees are working remotely.  If you need              assistance please email us at one of the addresses below.  Court filings will not be accepted via email. 

  *Note:  The Family Law Self Help Program email is to be used by self-represented litigants only.

What Proceedings are Happening at the Clackamas County Circuit Court?

For proceeding information at Clackamas County Circuit Court, please click here.

Protective Face Coverings

NEW 8/2/2021 

Pursuant to Chief Justice Order 21-30 and Presiding Judge Order 2021-18, protective face coverings are required to be worn in the courthouse as of 8/2/2021.  Please read the order for exceptions to this rule.  

When You Should NOT Visit the Courthouse

If you are planning to visit the courthouse, for the health and safety of visitors and court employees to the court YOU SHOULD NOT ENTER THE COURTHOUSE if you are an individual who meets one of hte criteria below.

  • You are feeling unwell, or
  • You have a fever, cough, shortness of breath or other COVID-19 symptom (see CDC Symptoms of Coronavirus), or
  • You are unvaccinated and have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.
If you meet the criteria of 1, 2 or 3 above, you should not enter the courthouse.  Instead, please contact the court as follows:
  • Phone:  503-655-8670
  • Email:
  • If you are outside of the courthouse, speak with staff at the Security Screening Station.  They can assist you with communicating with the court if needed.

 Information for Jurors

Clackamas County is committed to maintaining access to services while keeping jurors, litigants, staff, and the public and others safe at the courthouse.  Jurors perform a vital role in our American system of justice.  Jury service is an important civic function that supports  one of the fundamental rights of citizens - the right to have their cases decided by a jury of their peers.  The right to a speedy trial is important for every single Oregon citizen accused of a crime, even when in the midst of a pandemic.  We have a process where participants (including jurors) may seek to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 by requesting that reasonable protective measures be taken during any court proceeding.  If you would like to make a request, upon entry into the courtroom, let the judge or their staff know as soon as you enter the courtroom if you are requesting reasonable protective measures be taken.

Protective Face Coverings 

NEW 8/16/2021 

Pursuant to Chief Justice Order 21-028 and Presiding Judge Order 2021-18, protective face coverings are required to be worn in the courthouse as of 8/16/2021.  Please read the order for exceptions to this rule.  

Presiding Judge Orders & Updates

General Orders for All Court Operations
Orders in Criminal Court Operations
Orders in Family Law & Juvenile Court Operations

 Remote Hearings
 Remote hearing information is available on our Local Remote Hearing page.  Here you will find infomration and guides for how to appear remotely.  You will also find information for how to file exhibits for an upcoming hearing.  

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