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Mission, Values, and Vision Goals

Mission Statement

People in circle holding large puzzle pieces.OJD’s Mission describes the purpose and focus of the work that goes on every day in Oregon’s state courts.
As a separate and independent branch of government, our mission is to provide fair and accessible justice services that protect the rights of individuals, preserve community welfare, and inspire public confidence.

OJD Values

OJD’s Values are core human beliefs that define what is important to us as we work to administer justice for Oregonians. Our values shape our sense of duty to the public; help us make decisions; and challenge us to develop innovative programs and processes to better serve the public and to reduce crime.
  • Fairness, equality, and integrity
  • Openness and timeliness
  • Independence, impartiality, and consistency
  • Excellence, innovation, and accountability
  • Respect, dignity, public service, and community wellbeing

OJD’s Vision Goals

OJD’s Vision represents the highest ambitions of the third branch of government. It helps us decide which actions will accomplish and sustain our Mission. OJD’s Vision was first established by judicial leaders in 1995 along with a set of corresponding goals and strategies. Today, they are OJD’s current “Vision Goals,” which are the starting point for detailed strategies in OJD’s 2014-2019 Strategic Plan.
  • Access: Ensure access to court services for all people
  • Trust and Confidence: Earn the public’s enduring trust and confidence
  • Dispute Resolution: Help people choose the best way to resolve their disputes
  • Partnerships: Build strong partnerships with local communities to promote public safety and quality of life
  • Administration: Make courts work for people

OJD’s Mission, Values, and Vision Goals each serve an important purpose. Values are necessary to develop a vision, and a vision is necessary to decide what your goals are. Achievement of a mission depends on the quality of your vision and the success of your goals.

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