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Family and Children


Image link to Self-Help videosSeveral self-help videos have been created by the Oregon Judicial Department, Washington County Circuit Court to assist self-represented litigants as they maneuver through the family court process.  They are not a substitute for representation by a competent attorney. These videos are available in English and Spanish.


The Family Law Department of Washington County Circuit Court handles dissolutions of marriage (divorces), annulments, separations, unmarried parents custody, and other types of cases that affect support and custody of children.

The Family Law clerk’s office is located in the Justice Services building at 150 N 1st Avenue, Hillsboro, Oregon, and is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except for court holidays.


As part of a statewide program to improve the accessibility of the courts to the public, the Family Law Assistance Program will help self-represented parties involved in family law cases such as divorce, custody, separation, parenting time, or support. Our family law facilitators inform self-represented (pro se) litigants of court processes and available court forms, review documents, and provide information about legal services and other resources available in the community. If you use the court's forms, you are representing yourself. It is very important to read the instructions and carefully consider how you complete your forms. You are encouraged to consult with an attorney for any legal advice.
You should be aware the facilitators may also assist the opposing party.  Any meetings or conversations you have with our facilitators are not confidential. They cannot give legal advice or help with legal strategy and assume no responsibility for the accuracy or legal effects of the information contained in any written or verbal instructions or forms.
Our services are free, and there are two ways to obtain our major packets:
  • You may pay 25 cents per page and use our public computers to print divorce and unmarried parents custody packets. Packet prices currently vary from $6.75 to $11.50. You will type one screen of information (questions in English or Spanish), and the documents will be printed with all the repetitive information already filled in. You still will be required to complete some information by hand. 
  • You may print the instructions and blank forms for free from our website:  You need to click on “Services” and then on “Family Law.”  Some forms are only available from the Family Law Assistance program office or by email: to
In our office, you will complete an intake form, purchase your forms (25 cents per page) and receive a brief overview of the process from one of our facilitators. Our office is open for form purchases Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Spanish assistance at the counter is available.  We are located in room 112C of the courthouse (145 NE Second Avenue, Hillsboro), just to the right of the information desk if you come in on the Second Avenue side of the building. 
In an effort to maximize our limited resources and to eliminate long wait times for our services, we offer workshops for assistance in completing and reviewing forms prior to filing. You may register for one of our workshops when you buy your forms or by e-mail to Include the word “workshop” in your subject line for a faster response.  Be sure to include the type of case, whether you are starting a new case, filing the final documents, modifying or filing a response.  If your message includes a day and time (morning or afternoon) that are best for you, we will try to accommodate your schedule. In addition, you may send questions or scanned documents to the e-mail address above. You must complete as much of the forms as possible before the workshop. Anyone who arrives for a workshop with blank forms will be rescheduled. Please avoid bringing children who may distract you from the important decisions you are making for your family.