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Criminal Department

Washington County Circuit Court's Criminal Department is located within the Law Enforcement Center at 215 SW Adams Street, Hillsboro, Oregon Campus Map. Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday except court holidays.

The Criminal Department is responsible for felony, misdemeanor, probation violation, and criminal violation cases. Arraignment on criminal charges as well as requests for expungement of criminal convictions, court appointed attorneys (verification), and pre-trial release are taken care of within the Criminal Department.

The Law Enforcement Center also has one courtroom where criminal arraignments and pretrial release hearings are held.


If you are scheduled to appear for arraignment

  • Check in at the Verification Department before entering the courtroom. The verifiers will assist you in completing the application for court appointed attorney if you wish to apply.
  • Please do not bring infants and small children to court. Also, please turn off all cell phones and do not bring any food or drinks into the courtroom, including chewing gum.
  • Please wear appropriate attire. If you wear shorts, tank tops, or halter tops, you may be asked to leave and return at another time to complete your arraignment.
  • Follow the instructions of the Washington County Sheriff deputies as well as the instructions of the Court Staff.

When the judge calls your name, step up to the podium and answer any questions asked of you. If you have applied, and if you qualify, you will be assigned court-appointed counsel and be advised of your next court appearance dates. If you were not booked into the jail at the time you received your citation, you may be directed to the Sheriff's Office to complete that process.






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If you have an outstanding warrant, you must turn yourself in at the Washington County Jail between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. For further information regarding warrants, follow this link to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff's Office cannot tell you by telephone whether or not you have an outstanding warrant.

If you are inquiring about someone who is incarcerated at the jail, follow this link to the Washington County Sheriff's Office Jail Index for further information about visiting hours or posting security.

Case Assignment For Criminal Trials

Case assignment occurs Friday morning for cases set for trial the following week.  If Friday is a holiday, or furlough day, case assignment occurs on Thursday, or Wednesday if both Thursday and Friday are a holiday or furlough Day. See Supplemental Local Rule 7.031.

Attorneys and defendants must check in by 9 a.m. The courtroom opens at 8:15 a.m.  Bench warrants may be issued for late arriving defendants. 

Check- in sheets:  Mark to indicate present.  Indicate: Length of trial (# of witnesses if possible), jury or bench trial, if motions would dispose case/shorten trial, if case can be carried to later day, and if change of plea.

Regarding motions to disqualify judges - please note if there will be “no affidavits”, reserved affidavits, or if you will exercise affidavits when you sign in. 

If an affidavit is exercised, file the Motion, Affidavit, and Order of disqualification by 5 p.m. the next judicial day. Deliver bench copy to the challenged judge’s chambers, or to Calendaring, if the judge is a senior or pro-tem judge.  See ORS 14.250- 270.  Untimely motions/paperwork (premature or late), or motions in excess of statutory limit of two will be denied.  A party is not deemed to waive the statutory right to file a motion by appearing in front of a judge for the following appearances:  arraignment, pre-trial release request at the time of arraignment, pre-trial conference, case assignment or callback appearance.

Judge announces bench warrants for FTAs,  cases resolving by change of plea or civil compromise, and requests for resets noted on the docket.  Out of custody defendants who have notice of next date/time to appear are excused at conclusion of initial docket review.

Remaining cases will be announced by the DA in order of priority with any updates. DA and Defense will report on record regarding case details including length of trial, and affidavits of disqualification.  Out of custody defendants who have notice of next date/time to appear are excused at this time.

In-custody defendants will be brought to the courtroom.  Time is allowed to confer with counsel.

Remaining cases will be assigned to available judges.    PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE WHILE CASE ASSIGNMENTS ARE BEING ANNOUNCED – some case assignments get changed.

Turn in completed, signed, plea petitions/ civil compromise paperwork as soon as possible.  Pleas are typically taken in the order in which paperwork is received. UNLESS OTHERWISE DIRECTED “CALL BACK” CASES REPORT TO PRESIDING COURT AT 8:45 A.M. ON THEIR TRIAL DAYS FOR ASSIGNMENT.

Information regarding judicial assignments and schedules is provided at case assignment.


Pay by phone: 1-888-564-2828.


If you have questions regarding payment of fees and fines, you may contact the Washington County Circuit Court Accounting Department at 503.846.8888. Court ordered fees and fines may be paid by cash, check, money order, cashier's check, and credit or debit cards. If using credit or debit cards, contact the Accounting Department as some restrictions may apply.

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