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Forms, Legal Resources and Reference Materials

Some court approved forms are posted on this site for small estates, name changes, guardianships, conservatorships and adoption.  Some sample forms are also available through stationary stores that sell legal forms, and in legal reference books provided in the Marion County Law Library at 234 High St SE, Salem, (503) 588-5090.  These include:

  • Administering Oregon Estates (Probate and Small Estates)
  • Administering Oregon Trusts
  • Guardianships, Conservatorships and Transfers to Minors
  • Family Law (Chapter 18 Adoptions, Chapter 20, Name Changes)

The following statutes are also available through the law library and through the Oregon Legislature's website:

  • Probate:  ORS Chapters 111 to 117
  • Small Estates:  ORS 114.505 to 114.560
  • Guardianships, conservatorships ("protective proceedings"):  ORS Chapter 125
  • Trusts:  ORS Chapter 128
  • Uniform Transfers to Minors Act:  ORS 126.805 to 126.886
  • Adoptions:  ORS 109.304 to 109.410
  • Voluntary Adoption Registry:  ORS 109.425 to 109.507
  • Wrongful Death:  ORS 30.010 to 30.100



SB 238 -- Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Jurisdiction Act

The Marion County Circuit Court has adopted policies and procedures for implementation of this Act, which became effective on January 1, 2010. 






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