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Related Programs and Services

The court works with several outside service providers in an effort to provide a more complete array of services to those appearing in court. Many court ordered services are provided to help address underlying issues that court intervention alone can't address.


Children Cope with Divorce (COPE)

Parents appearing in court cases involving custody and/or parenting time (visitation) of minor children are required to complete a parent education course called "Helping Children Cope with Their Parent’s Divorce or Separation". You can read more information about the class and how to sign up for it by clicking the appropriate links. The information is available in English and in Spanish.
The Circuit Court adopted the program because of the significant negative impact divorce and separation can have on children. The class focuses on helping parents appreciate and lessen the negative impact on children.

DUII Victim's Impact Panel

What is it?

The DUII (Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants) Victim Impact Panel is made up of people, primarily victims, who have had a personal experience with loss attributable to a drunk driver. Victims who have lost a family member, friend or who themselves have been injured, speak about how the experience has changed their lives. Sometimes drunk drivers who have hurt someone speak on the panel about how their lives have been affected.

Why is it offered?

The panel was formed to influence offenders to stop drinking and driving. The panel strives to:
  • Allow offenders, perhaps for the first time, to consider the pain and suffering drunk driving can cause to other people;
  • Help offenders move beyond being "stuck" in focusing on their own "bad luck";
  • Serve as a first step in breaking down denial of alcoholics or those addicted to drugs;
  • Imprint images of real people in offenders' minds which may replay when drinking and driving is again an option; and
  • Change behavior and save lives.

Although the focus of the panel is to change an offender’s behavior, victims also benefit from the program in the following ways:
  • Victims find that the telling of their story lightens their personal pain which promotes their own healing process;
  • Victims experience something positive from a previously devastating event; and
  • Victims believe that through telling their stories they may be preventing some other family from having to suffer a similar victimization.

Who is required to attend?

Defendants charged with DUII who are convicted or enter into a diversion agreement are required to attend. Judges may make additional referrals in other circumstances as well.

Where is it and how much does it cost?
Classes are currently held at the Salem Hospital, Building B - Basement Auditorium, 665 Winter St NE, Salem. Attendees pay $50 cash when they arrive to the presentation.


Participants who need an interpreter or other accommodation to attend the presentation should call in advance so appropriate arrangements can be made.

More information.

For additional information, visit the Victims Impact Panel home, or contact the Victim Impact Panel Coordinator at: 503-463-0559.

Additional Parenting Classes

The Marion County Circuit Court may refer parents to the following classes:
Class Name
For Parents w/Children Ages
Parenting Inside Out​ ​All Ages ​20 ​Free ​Jack Tally, DeMuniz Resource Center,
503.588.8413 or
Make Parenting a Pleasure
Free through
Health Department
It's My Child Too: Fathers of Young Children
Salem Hospital, WESD, 503.561.5138
The Nurturing Parent, Parenting is a Pleasure
The Incredible Years
Easter Seals Children's Guild, 503.370.8990
Love and Logic
All Ages
Positive Parenting
All ages
Corrections Associates Limited, 503.378.0502

Treatment & Intervention Programs

The court makes referrals to treatment and intervention programs primarily in criminal and domestic relations cases. Some of the referrals are made by the court’s Drug Court program, providing low level offenders with the ability to seek treatment, prove to the court they can stay clean, and have criminal charges dismissed. Other orders for treatment may be made as part of a DUII (Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants) case, or other criminal cases involving drugs and/or alcohol. In addition, treatment or intervention may be required in a domestic relations case when children are involved, for safety reasons. Completion of these programs is a crucial part of helping people stay out of the court system in the future.

Judges have discretion to refer to the treatment or intervention program he or she thinks is most appropriate in a given situation. Programs the court commonly refers to include:

Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Bilingual Services, Inc
3700 River Rd. N
P.O. Box 20400
Keizer, OR 97303
(503) 304-1321

Corrections Associates LTD (CAL)
525 Ferry St. SE, Suite 303A
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 378-0572

Correctional Services, Inc.
161 High St. SE, Suite 248
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 566-7522

Pueblo Community Services, Inc.
445 Ferry St. SE, Suite 1
P.O. Box 2633
Salem, OR 97308

Domestic Violence Intervention

Blayre Alternatives. LLC
525 Ferry SE
Salem, OR 97301

Anger Management

Corrections Associates LTD (CAL)
525 Ferry St. SE, Suite 303A
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 378-0572

Substance Abuse Treatment

399 Young Street
P.O. Box 538
Woodburn, OR 97071
(503) 981-5265

Kaiser Permanente
2400 Lancaster Dr. NE
Salem, OR 97305
(503) 361-5422

New Step Behavioral Health
3737 Portland Rd. NE
Salem, OR
Mailing: P.O. Box 20400
Keizer, OR 97307-0400

Renaissance Recovery Resources
131 Menlo Dr. N.
Keizer, OR
Mailing: P.O. Box 18669
Salem, OR 97305

Seasons Counseling, Inc.
1580 Lancaster Dr. NE
Salem, OR 97301

Serenity Lane Straight FACTS
3950 Aumsville Hwy SE
Salem, OR 97301

Recommended Reading:

  • Infant Mental Health Interventions in Juvenile Court, Ameliorating the Effects of Maltreatment and Deprivation, Cindy Lederman and Joy Osofsky, Psychology, Public Policy and Law, Vol. 10, No. 1, 162-177, 2004 (this publication may be ordered through the American Psychological Association)

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