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Oregon eCourt

On Dec. 8, 2014, Marion County Circuit Court became the 12th court in the state to replace its case management system as part of the Oregon eCourt project.

Oregon eFiling

On Dec. 1, 2014, eleven courts started mandatory use of Oregon eFiling. On Jan. 20, 2015, Marion County Circuit Court started allowing attorneys to use Oregon eFiling. On March 2, 2015, eFiling became mandatory at Marion.


Local Bar Updates

Judicial Preferences

To assist practitioners, the Marion County Circuit Court judges have prepared a list of Judicial Preferences.  The preferences have been updated to replace those previously published in the 1996 MCBA Handbook.  The listings of preferences for practices and procedures for counsel and parties are offered for the convenience and guidance of those appearing before the individual judges in the Third Judicial District.  Each judge reserves the right and has the discretion to modify these preferences to suit the circumstances of individual cases as the law and facts require.    

Settlement Conference Judges Available

For a list of available judges and the procedure for scheduling a settlement conference, click here.

Reference Judges

Gilbert Feibleman
Dennis W. Bean
Paul J. Lipscomb
Albert C. Depenbrock
Donald W. McCann
Donald Kalberer
Sid Brockley
William C. Crothers, Jr.
R. William Riggs
Don Dickey
Pamela Abernethy
Mark Gardner
Charles E. Luukinen
Jamese Rhoades

Local Programs & Policies

Settlement Conference Protocol

The Court's Settlement Conference Protocol outlines which judges are available, and the procedures for setting up a settlement conference.

Consolidation Procedure for FAPA and Custody Cases

The Marion County Bench has approved a local process for requesting assignment of a contested Family Abuse Prevention Act proceeding to the assigned individual calendar judge when there is a related domestic relations proceeding involving the same parties. An attorney may: (1) ask the assigned judge's staff for a hearing date on the Restraining Order Objection, (2) notify Petitioner of the proposed hearing date and verify Petitioner has no objection to the change, and (3) notify judicial staff assigned to the Miscellaneous Calendar of the change before the day of any scheduled hearing already set on the Miscellaneous calendar. The attorney may then request the two cases be consolidated by filing a Motion to Consolidate and Order with the assigned judge.

Less Expensive Custody Evaluation Option Available

The Bench has approved a streamlined custody evaluation option to reduce the cost to parents.  Click here for more details.  Forms are available below.

Volunteer Opportunity

The court is seeking attorneys to offer pro bono service to low income litigants requesting assistance through the family law courthouse facilitation program.  The time commitment and scope of service can be limited according to the desires of the volunteering attorney.  For more information, please visit our Jobs Page.

Forms for Attorneys

Arbitration Forms

Courthouse Key Card Application and Agreement


Domestic Relations

Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile Dependency


Marion County Circuit Court
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