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About Us

The Deschutes County Circuit Court is referred to as the 11th Judicial District. Bend is the county seat, located in Central Oregon, slightly East of the Cascade Mountain Range. The court offers a variety of programs in an effort to resolve litigation in a less adversarial manner and if appropriate, without a jury or court trial.

Programs under the court's supervision:

  • Mediation - in small claims, landlord/tenant, probate, custody and parenting time disputes.
  • Specialty Courts - include an integrated family court to link family members before one judge and to develop a single-family plan; a family drug court to mandate immediate treatment; a domestic violence court for quick referrals to batterer intervention treatment.
  • Self-Represented - assistance to parties in divorce proceedings to review forms, court process and procedures to obtain a divorce with or without children.
  • Arbitration - in court matters below $50,000 and for divorce proceedings related to division of property.
More specific detail about these programs is included in this website. (see 'Programs' tab above)