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Informal Domestic Relations Trials

The Deschutes County Circuit Court is serving as a pilot site for a new kind of trial called an Informal Domestic Relations Trial (IDRT).  The Court adopted a new supplementary local rule (see SLR 8.015) effective May 29, 2013, which governs how the new Informal Domestic Relations Trials will be conducted.
The Court initiated this pilot project because the court recognized that the rules which govern how trials are conducted in domestic relations cases are often difficult for self-represented litigants to follow.  Domestic relations cases include divorce, separation, unmarried parent, and modification cases about child custody, parenting time, and child support.  Informal Domestic Relations Trials operate under simplified rules and limit witness testimony to experts.
All litigants in a domestic relations case in the Deschutes County Circuit Court are now required to choose which type of trial they want to have – either an Informal Domestic Relations Trial or a Traditional Trial.  In order to use an IDRT, both people involved in the case must opt for the IDRT.


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