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  • OJD Courts ePay is an online electronic payment service which allows you to make payments on most court cases and accounts. Please see the Fine Payment for more information and details.
  • You cannot enter a plea over the phone. You must complete one of the options on your citation. Please complete all of the requirements under the option you select.
  • If you submit incomplete information, your case will remain on for first appearance on the date and time noted on your citation.
  • You CANNOT submit a written appearance - you MUST personally appear if:
    • You have been charged with a traffic crime,
    • You have been cited for careless driving where the officer has marked the accident and injury boxes, or
    • if the citation was issued to a corporation.

It is important to read all of the information on your traffic citation. Your citation gives you the following information:  

  • Whether you have been charged with a violation or a crime.
  • Where you are cited to appear (either Multnomah County Courthouse or East County Courthouse).
  • The date and time that you must appear. You may appear or submit a written appearance ON or BEFORE date and time indicated on your citation.
  • The offense(s) with which you have been charged by the officer.
  • The fine amount for each offense charged.
  • The officer’s name and number.
  • The plea options on your citation (how you can choose to proceed).

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