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How was I chosen to be a juror?
Why should I do jury service?
What is that jurors do exactly?
How do I know whether I am eligible to be a juror?
Do I have to respond to the summons?
What happens if I don’t respond?
How can I reschedule my jury service?
How can I be excused from jury service?
What if I have a disability?
What about my job?
What about child care?
How much do jurors get paid?
How long is jury service?
What is a special panel?
What is the schedule?
How do I get there?
Where do I park?
What happens when I get to the Courthouse?
What should I wear?
What should I do if I have an emergency?
What if the weather is bad?
What can I bring?
What about lunch?
What happens when my name gets called?
What’s the process for choosing a jury?
Why don’t some people get chosen for a jury?
What should I do if I don’t get picked for a jury?
What happens once a jury is selected?
What happens when trial starts?
Can I take notes during trial?
Can I ask questions during trial?
Can I talk to other people about the case?
What happens when jurors are not in the courtroom?
What happens during deliberations?
What about my privacy?

Can I Switch from the Multnomah County Courthouse to the East County Courthouse?
No. If you have been summonsed for a specific date in either the Multnomah County Courthouse or the East County Courthouse, you may not switch to the other location and serve in the alternate location. Nor may you defer service and then change locations for service on the date of the deferral. The summons is a specific order of the court which must be followed as to the date of service and location. You may defer service by law. The location of your service, however, was chosen by random selection from a list of all the eligible jurors residing in Multnomah County, and allowing a change in the location of service even on a later date of service will alter the randomness required by law for jurors to serve in a specific location in Multnomah County.

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