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**  Court Staff are not permitted to give legal advice or to give any advise about forms.  **
**  Parties needing advice should contact an attorney or research the issue themselves.  **

Dissolution (Divorce), Annulments and Legal Separations

Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) is a way to legally end a marriage.  In Oregon the only reason you need for a divorce is that you and your spouse cannot get along.  The law calls this "irreconcilable differences."

Legal Separation is an order from the court that can decide issues of property, debt, custody, parenting time and support while the parties are still legally married.

Annulment is a way to legally void a marriage.  You should speak with an attorney if you believe you have grounds for an annulment.

Statewide forms are maintained for the Oregon Judicial Department and can found here.

Packets for Dissolution of Marriage are also available for purchase at the Josephine County Family Court. (map)

    • The following information is for disolutions with childern only.


Co-Parenting Education Program

You must attend "Children in the Middle," a co-parenting education program, if you are the parent of a child under 17, and you are a party in a Josephine County dissolution (divorce), legal separation or legal action to establish custody or parenting time.

The "Notice of Co-Parenting Education Program" outlines contact information and available alternatives to the in-person class.  This notice is also a required attachment when filing a Petition for Dissolution or Custody and may be printed off from the link below to be used in court filings.  Copies of the notice of co-parenting education class are also available at the Josephine County Family Court. (map)

Notice of Co-Parenting Education Program

If you have good cause to request online attendace for the Co-Parenting Education Program, or are facing extreme hardship and would like to waive your attendance in its entirety, the following form must be filled out and submitted to Family Court.

Co-Parent Ed Class Waiver - Motion Affidavit Order

    •  If you have any questions requarding the Co-Parenting Education Program, please contact them here. (link)


The Family Court Mediator provides mediation to parents who have a current legal action in Josephine County concerning custody and/or parenting time (visitation). One or both parents, or their attorneys, may initiate mediation by filing a motion for mediation.  The motion form and instructions may be obtained from Family Court (map), an attorney or can be downloaded from the link below.

Motion & Order Mediation

 The mediation program offers an orientation which is held on Monday mornings at 8:15 AM at Family Court (map), and one or more private sessions with a trained, professional mediator. In mediation, parents have an opportunity to discuss the needs of their children and evaluate options for a satisfactory parental agreement.

* Failure to attend mediation may result in a dismissal or delay in your case.

Agreements reached in mediation are prepared in writing by the mediator, but are considered tentative until reviewed by each parent and filed with the proper document with the court. If an agreement is not reached, the case may be resolved through other means or in court if necessary.
If you wish to waive the requirement of attending mediation, the following forms must be submitted to Family Court.

Waiver Mediation - Motion Affidavit Order

If you have questions, contact our court mediator.


Parenting Plans

Parties filing dissolution or custody cases in Josephine county are not required to use one of the standard parenting plans below as their parenting plan, but they are resources available and may be used if they fit the situation.

Packets of both plans can also be purchased at the customer service window of Josephine County Family Court (map) for a fee of $5.00.

Standard Parenting Plan

60-40 Parenting Plan


Child Support

Child Support is money regularly paid by a parent to help support a child.  The court can order child support to be paid until a child is 18, and in some instances, until a child turns 21.  Child support can be ordered as part of a divorce, a separation or a custody.  The Oregon Child Support Program can help you with child support.  For more information, call (800) 850-0228, or click on the link above.

Oregon has guidelines for calculation of support.  The guidelines consider many factors, including but not limited to, income of the parents, cost of childcare and number of children.  If you have any attorney, your attorney can help you calculate the child support.  For worksheets and instructions contact the Family Court Facilitator (map) or visit the Oregon Child Support Program website.


Orientation Video

  • The link below is an orientation video designed to assist you in filling out the required paperwork for those filing for divorce.

Orientation Videos