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Parole, Probation or Post Prison Supervision

There are two types of probation:

  1. Court Probation, the defendant is sentenced by the court with one or more conditions. The defendant is not supervised by a probation officer. It is the defendant's obligation to keep the court informed of his/her mailing address at all times and complete all court conditions.
  2. Supervised Probation, the defendant is required to report to a probation officer through the Department of Corrections. The defendant is required to keep his/her probation officer informed of their current address and place of employment.

Conviction of a new crime committed while on parole, probation or post prison supervision or violation of one of the conditions of probation may result in revocation of the parole, probation or post prison supervision. Additional time in jail or prison may be ordered.

The District Attorney's office will file an 'Order to Show Cause' requesting the case be brought back into court. The defendant will be asked to show good cause why their parole, probation or post prison supervision should not be revoked.