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Juror Information


Jury Clerk
2nd Floor - Room 209

Phone: 541.476.2309  x4536
Fax: 541.471.2079

To email the Jury Clerk
please use the following: 
j o s dot jury at o j d dot state dot o r dot u s 







Jury Schedule    JURY SCHEDULE



Jury Handbook      JURY HANDBOOK

  • The court does not collect social security numbers or other sensitive personal information from potential jurors. If you have received such a request, you may be a victim of identity theft. Please report the incident to your local law enforcement office.
  • Do not enter the courthouse with any item that might be considered a weapon. This includes not only the obvious; i.e., guns and switchblades, but also things like pepper spray, pocket knives and leatherman tools. All such items are subject to confiscation.

Oregon Judicial Department's Information for Jurors