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Civil law
Civil law includes statutes and "case law" that define or interpret individuals' and organizations' private rights in their relationships and disputes that involve property, contracts, personal injury, family relationships, tax, or government rules and regulations.
Because Oregon does not have laws that define every private right, courts rely on the "court-made" law called "common law" to resolve some disputes. [more]

Criminal law
Criminal law is the body of laws that define a person's basic rights in and duties to preserve a peaceful and safe society. A person who violates the duties to preserve social peace and safety may be guilty of a crime "against the people" and so face jail, prison, or some other punishment. In addition, if the lawbreaker's act injured another (the "victim"), the victim may have a right to a private, civil law claim for damages. [more]


Harney County Circuit Court publishes its docket calendars on a daily basis and updates them to the web-site as often as changes are made; however, changes may be made at any time. So, if you need to verify your court appearance time, contact the Court at (541) 573-5207.  Confidential cases such as Juvenile, Adoption and Mental Commitment cases are not posted to the on-line calendar.

 [Court Calendar]


We Can Help
While court staff can provide general information about court procedures, ORS 9.160 prohibits court staff from giving legal advice. If you need legal advice, please contact a lawyer. [more]