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Q. Do I have to appear in person on my court date?

A. No. It is not required that you appear in person on your court date. You may mail your plea to us if it is more convenient for you. The back of your citation has several options to choose from so that you may handle your citation entirely through the mail. Your citation will be handled the same way if you mail your plea or if you appear in person.


Q. What are my plea options?

A. You may plead guilty, no contest or not guilty.

Q. If I plead not guilty, how and when will I be notified of the trial?

A. The court will contact you by mail with the new date to appear.

Q. If I plead not guilty and the Judge finds me guilty at the trial, will he/she reduce my fine?

A. The Judge has the authority to raise or lower the fine as he/she deems appropriate within the statutory limits. The judges will follow the same bail reduction schedule the clerks follow.

Q. I want to plead not guilty, but cannot appear in person for my trial. What can I do?

A. Upon written request, we can send you the paperwork to proceed with a trial by affidavit.

Q. Can I go to traffic school?

A. Douglas County does not use or offer traffic school for traffic violations at this time.

Q. I received a ticket in a highway work zone. Can I get a reduction in my fine?

A. Fine amounts are higher if you receive a ticket in a highway work zone and no reductions are given.

Q. I am unhappy with the judge's ruling on my case. What can I do?

A. You can appeal the decision. You must file a notice of appeal with the Court of Appeals. The time frame allowed for filing a notice of appeal is within 30 days from the date of conviction.

Q. My license has been suspended because of a ticket I have in your court. How do I get my license back?

A. You must pay to the court the full amount you owe on the ticket plus $15. Once the court receives your money, we will notify DMV to reinstate your license. There may be additional fees you need to pay to DMV.

Q. If I do not own a car, do I need to get insurance to drive someone else's car?

A. If the vehicle you drive has insurance and the policy does not exclude you, you do not need insurance. However, you must get a statement from the insurance company that you had permission to drive and were covered under the policy to drive.

Q. It was not me driving the car and I did not receive this ticket. How can I get this off my record?

A. Supporting documentation proving why this cannot be you must accompany an explanation to the court. The judge will determine whether or not to remove the conviction from your record.