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Small Claims

The small claims court is a department of the Circuit Court. The small claims court is intended to promote an informal, prompt and economical resolution of claims involving $10,000.00 or less. Anyone may use small claims court; and attorneys may represent parties only with special permission from the court.

All small claims cases will be scheduled for mediation orientation. At the orientation, the parties will be given the opportunity to mediate with a court-trained mediator. Mediation brings both sides together to discuss the dispute with a neutral person. If the parties are unable to reach agreement, the case will proceed to trial.

Please read the small claims procedures pamphlet before filing papers with the court. Please contact the small claims clerk or your attorney if you have further questions. The small claims clerk cannot give you legal advice.


Downloadable Forms:

Form Name:


PDF Small Claims Packet and Fees
PDF Small Claims Hearing Information and Mediation Program Form
PDF Claim and Notice of Claim
PDF Proof of Service (Certified Mail)
PDF Proof of Service (After Substitute Service)
PDF Defendant’s Response
PDF Motion for Default; Defendant Status Affidavit
PDF Motion to Dismiss
PDF Declaration Non-Compliance
PDF Small Claims Judgment; Money Award
PDF Satisfaction of Judgment
PDF Motion to Set Aside Judgment/Default/Dismissal
PDF Request to Transcribe Judgment
  • All Forms are in Adobe Acrobat Reader Format