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Juvenile Services

The Clatsop County Juvenile Department is responsible for the supervision of juvenile offenders in cases involving persons under the age of 18 years who have committed a violation or an act which, if done by an adult, would constitute a violation of law. The department provides intake screening, restitution and assistance to victims, programs to divert youth from the formal court process (when appropriate), preparation of legal documents to initiate court action, adjudication and disposition of allegations of delinquent behavior, and supervision of those youth on probation. These responsibilities are provided in a fair and impartial manner within the context of personal accountability and reformation for the youth offender.

The Clatsop County Juvenile Department provides community-based services for delinquent youth. State agencies such as the Oregon Youth Authority and Department of Human Services provide institutional care and supervision of youth.

The following are Juvenile Department programs and services. Some programs are provided directly by the department and others are provided through contract or agreement with other organizations.

Intake Screening for First Time Offenders. Probation officers administer risk screens to first-time offenders and their parents. The screening instrument addresses both risk and protective factors of youth.

Emancipation. Emancipation frees children from the legal control and responsibility of their parents. It also relieves parents of their duty to support the child and pay education expenses. The Juvenile Court has jurisdiction over emancipation petitions, which may be filed by youth aged 16 or 17 pursuant to ORS 419B.550-558. The Juvenile Department has forms and can provide more information.

Expunction. The Juvenile Court may order the destruction of all or any part of a juvenile's record if the youth meets the statutory qualifications. Expunction usually will be ordered without a hearing if no objection is filed. The Juvenile Department provides forms and further information.

Formal Accountability Agreements. The Juvenile Department offers diversion programs, in the form of formal accountability agreements, between the Juvenile Department and juvenile offenders in lieu of court proceedings.

Theft Talk Counseling Services. Theft Talk is a counseling and education program for youth who steal or damage property.

Minor in Possession of Alcohol / Possession of Less Than One Oz. of Marijuana/Tobacco Education Class. Columbia Memorial Hospital and the Juvenile Department collaborate to provide an educational class for first time alcohol and drug offenders and their parents. A tobacco education class also is available to teens and parents.

Juvenile Fire-setter Network and Protocols. Clatsop County Fire Departments and the Juvenile Department have developed protocols for youth involved in fire-setting behaviors. Protocols include assessment of fire-setting behaviors and appropriate, graduated interventions in the community.

On-Call Duty. A probation officer is on-call 24 hours a day to respond to police agencies and authorize detention or other placements.

Probation Supervision. Juvenile Department probation officers monitor court-ordered probation conditions including restitution; community work service; evaluations; participation in counseling; residential or outpatient treatment; school attendance, behavior and grades; and other conditions.

Supervision Plans. Supervision plans are plans between the parents of a youth on probation and the Juvenile Department that require parents to provide for their youth including: supervision, reports of criminal behavior, attendance and transportation to required treatment and activities, and suitable discipline actions when a youth violates a standard of conduct within the family. The plan may also require parents to complete parenting classes or alcohol and drug classes if appropriate. The plan is reviewed and ratified by the Court, and the parents may be fined by the Juvenile Court for violations.

Community Service Work Crew. The Juvenile Department provides supervision for work crews of youth who have violated probation or parole or are court-ordered to complete community service work. The crews perform labor for public and charitable organizations.

Summer Restitution Program. Management Training Corporation and the Juvenile Department collaborate to operate a Youth Conservation Corps program for youth offenders. The offenders perform community service for Clatsop County and earn money that is paid as restitution to crime victims and toward other court financial obligations.

Urinalysis Testing. Random urinalysis testing is provided for youth on probation when ordered by the Court or recommended by evaluators or treatment providers.

Electronic Monitoring. The Juvenile Department contracts for electronic monitoring services (ankle bracelet that notifies the on-call Juvenile Department Staff if a youth violates conditions of "home detention.") This is an effective alternative to pre-adjudication detention and also is used as a sanction for probation violations in appropriate cases.

Psychological Evaluations. Psychological testing is supported by the Juvenile Department.

Sex Offender Treatment. Community-based treatment with polygraph monitoring is provided for youth offenders adjudicated for sex offenses.

Juvenile Detention. Detention is an essential component of the juvenile justice system. Detention options are short-term and are appropriate to the level of risk posed by the youth. Detention services are designed to safeguard the community and ensure the youth's appearance at court hearings and are consistent with the goals of the Clatsop County Juvenile Department: community protection, youth offender accountability, and effective rehabilitation. Clatsop County operates a secure detention program at Young's Bay Juvenile Detention Facility (part of the North Coast Youth Correctional Facility). The facility holds probation and parole violators, youth awaiting adjudication, and youth serving court-ordered detention. It serves Clatsop and Tillamook Counties.

Juvenile Intensive Treatment Court. The Juvenile Department collaborates with Lifeworks treatment program and Clatsop Behavioral Health Care to provide intensive supervision of youth on probation who participate in alcohol and drug treatment and/or mental health counseling and are at risk for out-of-home placements. The youth see the judge every other week, the probation officer meets with the youth and parents frequently and with treatment providers and the schools.

Caring Adults Developing Youth "CADY" Mentoring Program. This program is funded through a grant and is a partnership between the Juvenile Department and Management and Training Corporation. The program matches medium to high-risk youth ages 10-17 to adult mentors. The high level outcome for the program is to reduce juvenile arrests with a program strategy for school success.

Alcohol and Drug Skill Building Group for Youth Offenders. Juvenile Department has a contract with Lifeworks to provide cognitive behavioral modification process groups.

Clatsop County Juvenile Department

Greg Engebretson, Director
800 Exchange St., Suite 200
Astoria, OR
(503) 325-8601

Office hours: Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Clatsop County Juvenile Department also oversees the Law Library which is located in the basement of the Clatsop County Courthouse at 749 Commercial Street, Astoria OR.

Information about the Law Library can be found on the Clatsop County web site.