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About Us

About Us

Malheur County Court Officials

Hon. Lung Hung, Presiding Judge

Hon. Erin K Landis, Circuit Judge

Marilee Aldred, Trial Court Administrator

And 11 support staff

Malheur County

About Malheur County

Malheur County is the second largest county in the State and is located on the Oregon Trail. At Keeney Pass just outside of Vale, the wagon ruts are still visible today.

Malheur County was created in 1887 from Baker County.  Malheur County derives its name for the “Riviere au Malheur” or “unfortunate River” (later changed to “Malheur River”), named by French trappers whose property and furs were stolen from their river encampment.

Malheur County is a place filled with fascinating history, diverse landscape and friendly people.  The landscape is enchanting and provides for a wide variety of excellent recreation such as hunting, fishing, hiking, rock climbing, rock hounding, boating and water skiing.  The county is 94 percent rangeland.  Basques, primarily shepherds, settled in Jordan Valley in the 1890s.  Irrigated fields in the county’s northeast corner, known as Western Treasure Valley, are the center of intensive and diversified farming. 

Points of interest

Oregon Trail, Keeney Pass, Owyhee Lake, Succor Creek State Park, Leslie Gulch Canyon, Jordan Craters, grave of trapper John Baptist Charbonneau, Nyssa Agricultural Museum, Vale Oregon Trial Murals, Jordan Valley Basque Pelota Court and Museum, the Four Rivers Cultural Center.


Established:  February 17th, 1887

Elevation at Vale:  2,243

Area: 9,926 square miles (second largest County in Oregon)

Average Temperature:  January 28.7 degrees

July 75.6 degrees (temperatures routinely get into the 100’s)

Annual precipitation: 9.64”

Population of the County:  31,135

Population of Vale:  1,901