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Court Forms


We charge $2 for the first page and $1 for each subsequent page to SEND OR RECEIVE documents via fax. Please do not send facsimile documents to the court without calling and paying the fee first, or your document will be disregarded.
For more information regarding Violations, please see our Traffic page.

Umatilla & Morrow County Forms

 Expungement Forms (To Set Aside an Arrest or Conviction Record)

Transport Order (This completed proposed order should accompany any Motion to Transport Prisoner filed with the 6th Judicial District.)

Motion and Affidavit for Continuance  (Criminal cases)

(For Traffic/Violations use Motion to Continue Violation Hearing/Trial)

Motion and Order for Telephonic Appearance

Notice of Right to Appeal

Pro Se Motion to Modify Probation

Sample Traffic Trial By Declaration Form (for Violations)

The 6th Judicial District Forms website was created to assist "self-represented" litigants who choose to represent themselves without the assistance of an attorney. This service DOES NOT take the place of an attorney, and nothing on this site should be construed as legal advice. If you choose to proceed without the assistance of an attorney, you are accepting sole responsibility for completing the correct forms and will be accountable for any judgments of the court. Umatilla and Morrow County Circuit Courts assume no liability whatsoever for the docments, the content or format of the documents, whether or not you file the documents timely or in the right court, whether you have your documents served in the correct manner required by case law, statute or court rule, or whether you understand or follow the correct case law, statute or court rule for anythying relating to your case, including any outcome.

Statewide Forms