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OJD offers Statewide Forms (paper forms and interactive online forms), Local Circuit Court forms, forms found in Local Supplementary Rules, and Uniform Trial Court Rule forms. Go to the OJD Forms page to access the best OJD form required for your case.

Statewide Forms Image Link

Paper forms

You may print and fill out the following forms. Once completed, the forms should be filed with the clerk at the Tillamook courthouse. All forms listed below are configured using Adobe Acrobat Reader - Portable Document Format (.pdf). In order to view and print the documents correctly please obtain the free Acrobat Reader software using the link in the lefthand column.


Access Information and ADA Forms

Accommodation for Persons with Disability Form

Interpreter Request Form



Request for Fee Deferral 

Post Conviction Indigency Motion

Post Conviction Petition



Petition To Make An Admission Punitive Contempt Information  


Domestic Relations

Court Hearing Request-Review of Income or Appeal Child Support Order

Court Hearing Request

Request for Fee Deferral


D.U.I.I. Diversion 

D.U.I.I. Diversion Forms

**IMPORTANT** Certificate of Service form listed below is REQUIRED to be attached with D.U.I.I. Diversion Packet.

Certificate of Service  


Elderly/Disabled Persons Abuse Prevention Act




Setting Aside An Arrest Instructions

Setting Aside An Arrest Motion, Affidavit, and Order

Setting Aside A Conviction Instructions

Setting Aside A Conviction Motion, Affidavit and Order


Family Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) - Restraining Orders 

Restraining Order forms


Family Law

Home Page

Family Law Information and Resources


Request for Fee Deferral 

Forcible Entry and Detainer (F.E.D.)

F.E.D. Information Sheet

Residential Complaint-ORS 90  (PDF) (Interactive Form

Residential Complaint-ORS 105

Residential Summons 

Request for Fee Deferral


Affidavit of Non-Compliance

Notice of Restitution- ORS 105.146 Applies

Notice of Restitution- ORS 105.146 Does NOT apply

Request for Hearing-Declaration of NonCompliance

Writ of Execution

Qualified Third Party Verification 

     Return of Personal Property (ROPP)

ROPP Complaint

ROPP Summons

ROPP Answer

      Possession of Group Recovery Home Dwelling Unit

Complaint- Group Home Unit

Answer- Group Home Unit


Guardian’s Report *

*Guardian's report must be filed within 30 days after each anniversary of the guardian's appointment (ORS 125.325).

Payment Plan

Extended Payment Plan Agreement

Plea Petition

Petition To Plead Guilty/No Contest/Conditional Guilty Plea *

* Required to be Attached to Plea Petition Addendum "A"

* Required to be Attached to Plea Petition Addendum "B"

* Required to be Attached to Plea Petition Notice and Advice of Right to Appeal 

Public Records Request

Written Procedure

Request Form 




Victim's Petition For Waiver of No Contact Condition In Release Agreement