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Arbitration is a procedure, much like a trial but less formal. Instead of a decision being made by a judge or jury, an arbitrator hears the evidence and makes a decision. Like a judge, an arbitrator makes rulings on motions, decides the order in which witnesses appear and the testimony they give, and may impose penalties on a party who disobeys the arbitrator’s orders. Like a jury, an arbitrator, after hearing the evidence, decides which side wins and which side loses, and what the result will be. [more]


When you have a dispute with someone that you can’t seem to settle, you don't HAVE to file a lawsuit. There may be an easier, less expensive way to solve the problem. Mediation is a problem-solving method that uses a neutral person, the mediator, to guide discussions and help disputing parties arrive at an agreeable solution for everyone involved.

Mediation is the fastest growing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method. Many family and small claims courts now require that disputes be mediated before they are heard in court. [more]

SAFE Court

The Malheur County S.A.F.E. (Stop Addiction For Ever) Court was established in January of 2001 in response to a growing incidence of non-violent drug and alcohol offenses.