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Court Calendars

DISCLAIMER: Linn County Courts publishes its docket calendars on a daily basis and updates them to the web-site as often as changes are made; however, changes may be made at any time. So, if you need to verify your court appearance time, contact either Criminal Records at (541) 967-3841 (Department option #2), or Civil Records at (541) 967-3845 (Department option #3).

USE OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES IN THE COURTROOM: Oregon Judicial Department (OJD) policy prohibits the connection of any electronic device including any flash drives, CDSs, DVDs or any other storage devices with the OJD network or any device connected to the OJD network at any time.  If parties wish to submit digital media including flash drives, CDs, DVDs etc. in evidence, that party must provide the device to listen to or view the content of the device submitted. 

Parties intending to play any audio or visual device in a courtroom shall test the device and the storage unit to insure that playback works adequately for use in the courtroom and such test shall occur prior to the proceeding.  No exhibit shall be viewed or listened to in court without compliance with this policy.

Court Calendars

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