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Adoption Information

Opening Case - Documents Required

  1. Petition
  2. Financial Disclosure Statement (Adoption Disclosure Statement)
  3. Certificate of Residency (6 months in state prior)
  4. Vital Records Form (Adoption Report) with fee if birth in Oregon or out of United States
  5. Statement with names and addresses of Petitioners and persons whose consent is required by law
  6. Home study / placement reports or “SOSCF” waiver


Home Study with Petition
Medical Report of child and biological parents
(Except for adoption by step-parent or if adult adoption)

Oregon’s Voluntary Adoption Registry

    The Voluntary Adoption Registry was created in 1983 to assist adoptees, birth parents, biological siblings, and other eligible persons who wish to learn more about an adoption that was completed in the State of Oregon. The registry is maintained by the State Office for Services to Children and Families (formerly Children’s Services Division) and creates a method of communicating information while preserving confidentiality and respecting the right to privacy.

What is available?

Non-identifying information.

    This is information gathered by Children’s Services Division at the time the adoption took place. This includes access to any existing health, genetic, and social information (i.e., physical description, illnesses, ethnic origins, age) contained in the file. Non-identifying information does not include the names and addresses of any person or information pertaining to adoptive parents.

Mutual consent registry.

    This is a passive registry where adult adoptees, birth parents, and other qualified persons may register their consent to the release of identifying information. If another person who was party to their adoption also registers, a match will be made and identifying information will be provided to registered parties.

Assisted search program.

    Added to the registry by legislation passed in 1993, the Assisted Search program allows the State Office for Services to Children and Families to conduct a search for eligible biological family members and inform them of the provisions of the mutual consent registry.
    These searches are conducted in a confidential manner that assures the privacy of all parties. If the person being sought wishes to pursue contact, they are sent registration forms. Identifying information is not released to either party until both parties have given their permission.

For more information.

    If you were party to an adoption completed by the Children’s Services division (now the State Office for Services to Children and Families) or by a private adoption attorney and would like more information, contact:

    State Office for Services to Children and Families
    Adoption Registry
    500 Summer St. NE, 2nd Floor
    Salem, OR 97310-1017
    (503) 945-6643