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Jury Information

Special instructions associated with your jury duty will be posted here. You may view jury message information, fill out the jury questionnaire, and find court contact information.  You may also view Jury Orientation and Information.  We thank you for your time and participation.

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Jury Message


Jury Questionnaire

You may call the phone numbers listed below, or view the Jury Message of the day below. 

Phone numbers:
541-265-4254 or 1-800-899-7273

Jury Message of the Day 

It is very important that you call the Jury Coordinator as soon as possible if you have any days during your term of service that you cannot be available for jury duty. Do not wait until you are requested to report. Thank you.


You may fill out the Jury Questionnaire online!

You may also view printed form.


Jury Assistance and Information:

541-265-4236 Option 6   The most common questions are answered by Option 6 and you have the opportunity to leave an information message for the jury team.  You may also email your questions to ..