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  • When time is my court date?

    Check your release agreement or citation that you received.


  • Can I pay my fines over the phone?



  • Can I email you my address change?

    You may scan a completed change of address form and email or fax it to us so we have a document for the case file.


  • Can I fax or email proof of treatment or victim impact panel completion?



  • How do I expunge my criminal record?

    That information is on the web site .


  • How long will it take for my record to be sealed?

    That is up to the District Attorney. It could take 30, 60 or 90 days.


  • Can I appear in court on an outstanding warrant?

    Yes we can schedule a voluntary appearance, however the warrant will remain outstanding for the Judge to decide if it should be recalled at the time you appear.


  • If I am convicted of the charges brought against me what will my sentence be?

    You should talk to your attorney about that.


  • Can I get a court appointed attorney and talk with them before I go to court?

    No. After you go to court for your arraignment then you will have an attorney appointed and have 3 to 6 week to go over information before you have to enter a plea.


  • How do I get no contact conditions lifted on a conditional release agreement?

    We have forms to be filled out for that. Check the web site or come to the Trial Court Administrators Office for a set of forms to fill out.

  • Can I make a payment via the internet.

    No. You can make a payment over the phone at 541-265-4236 x253

  • Can you just keep my card number on file and charge my card each month without me having to call?

    No. You can contact your bank and have them send us a check every month.