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OJD offers Statewide Forms (paper forms and interactive online forms), Local Circuit Court forms, forms found in Local Supplementary Rules, and Uniform Trial Court Rule forms. Go to the OJD Forms page to access the best OJD form required for your case.

Statewide Forms Image Link

Access Information and ADA Forms

Arbitration Information

Lane County Arbitration Program - Information & Forms Packet


Full or Partial Satisfaction of Judgment  (PDF)  (Interactive Form)


Domestic Relations

Family Court Assistance Office Forms

Request for Mediation

Expungement Forms

Situation A

Situation B

Situation C

Fee Deferral


Restraining Orders Packets

Elderly Persons/Persons with Disabilities Abuse Prevention Act

Family Abuse Prevention Act  

Renewing/Continuing a Restraining Order (FAPA)



Sexual Abuse Protection Act

Obtaining a Sexual Abuse Protection Order (SAPO)

Petitioner's Termination of Sexua Abuse Protective Order (SAPO)


Stalking Protective Order