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Family Court Assistance Office Court-Approved Forms for Lane County

The Family Court Assistance Office offers forms to be used in Domestic Relations cases. The majority of forms have been standardized and can be used statewide, including Lane County Circuit Court. Some forms have changes that make them specific to Lane County Circuit Court and can only be used in this court.

Please find below a list of Lane County Circuit Court Domestic Relations forms and statewide forms. If you click on a Lane County Circuit Court form, you will be linked to the forms on our website. If you click on a statewide form, you will be linked to the Oregon Judicial Department's Family Law Forms website.

You can download all of these forms for free. All of these forms are also available for a small fee from the Family Court Assistance Office; please review the Forms Menu  for a brief description of the forms and purchase price.

NOTE:  All documents containing printing on the back side of a sheet shall be printed in such a manner to comply with UTCR Chapter 2 – Standards for Pleadings and Documents .  Please do not print forms that combine two separate documents into the front and back side of the same piece of paper.


Domestic Relations Forms
Approved Forms for Lane County

Lane County Circuit Court ​ State of Oregon​​
Forms for Dissolution:
Dissolution of Marriage, cases with children
Dissolution of Marriage, cases without children
Response to Dissolution, cases with children
Response to Dissolution, cases without children
Forms for Legal Separation​:
Legal Separation, cases with children
Legal Separation, cases without children
Response to Legal Separation, cases with children
Response to Legal Separation, cases without children
Forms for Unmarried Parents:​
Unmarried Parents; Custody, Parenting Time, Child Support
Response to Unmarried Parents
Forms for Modification:​ ​
Request for Modification; Custody, Parenting Time, Child, and/or Spousal Support
Response to Modification
Forms for Enforcement​:
Registration of Out of State Order
Forms for Temporary Orders:​
Status Quo Order, Pre-Judgment
Status Quo Order, Post-Judgment
Status Quo Order, Request for Hearing
Temporary Custody; Immediate Danger, Pre-Judgment
Temporary Custody; Immediate Danger, Post-Judgment
Miscellaneous Forms:​
Waiver of Personal Service
Request for Mediation Notice of Change of Address per ORS 107.158
Uniform Support Declaration
Appeal of Administrative Order and Request for Hearing de Novo Respondent’s Waiver of Right to Stay Proceedings
Waiver of Mediation
Motion & Order to Set Aside Dismissal Waiver of Further Appearance
Statement of Assets and Liabilities
Application for Waiver or Deferral of Fees
Contempt of Court Change of Venue/Transfer of Case
Correcting Clerical Error in Judgment and Amending Money Judgment/Money Award
Governing Child Support Judgments
Uniform Trial Court Rule 2.130