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Klamath Attorney List

This is a partial list of attorneys who practice in Klamath County. Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement by the Court. Attorneys who serve Klamath County and who wish to appear on this list should contact the Trial Court Administrator.

(Area Code 541)
(Area Code 541)
E-mail addressArea of Practice
Bradford Aspell122 South 5th St.883-7754883-1756

General civil litigation;
  estate planning; wills;
  business and real estate law
Andrew Brandsness411 Pine St.882-6616882-8819andy@brandsnessrudd.comCommercial and business
  litigation; collections;
  foreclosures; secured
  transactions; construction
William Brandsness411 Pine St.882-6616882-8819bill@brandsnessrudd.comBanking law; commercial
  law; estates & estate
  planning; real estate law;
  business acquisitions law;
  probate, wills, trust law
 Melinda Brown 419 Main St. 884-4100 
Neal G. Buchanan435 Oak Ave.882-6607882-2029buchananneal@MSN.comReal property;
  wills, trusts and probate;
  general civil practice
Stephanie L. Burke

717 Murphy Rd.Medford, OR, 97504

Scott Carter316 Main


Ruth Cherry

303 Pine St. #101


Family law, Estate law

Mark Costello316 Main St.883-5147883-5107mcostello@co.klamath.or.usCriminal convictions
Robert L. Cowling717 Murphy Road
  Medford, OR 97504
Donald Crane303 Pine St. #101882-1230850-4128doncrane@direcway.comCivil litigation; estate
  planning; business law
Arie DeGroot303 Pine St.885-6045885-8292


Personal injury
Barbara M. DiIaconi803 Main St., Suite 201884-8101884-8498

Divorce; wills; probate;
  malpractice defense;
  insurance defense;
  guardianship and
Mel Ferguson514 Walnut Ave.850-2828883-1923MelvinDFerguson@aol.comEstate planning (wills and
  trusts); probate;
  conservatorships; business;
  DUII and traffic
William M. Ganong514 Walnut Ave.882-7228883-1923wganong@aol.comReal estate; business; estate
  plannning (wills and trusts);
  water law
Dave Groff316 Main St.883-5147883-5107dgroff@co.klamath.or.usChief Deputy District
Gary Hedlund303 Pine St.883-3456883-3457General civil practice;
  family law; estate and
  wills; real property;
Paul L. Henderson

203 Genessee St., Suite 102 Medford, OR 97504

772-9303772-0330 Family Law
Bonnie A. Lam111 N. 7th St.850-5966850-5246


Family Law
Scott MacArthur280 Main St.851-0571882-4437kingjag1@cdsnet.netProperty foreclosures;
  landlord/tenant; wills;
  trusts; probate;
B. J. Matzen435 Oak St.850-9284882-2029bjmatzen@msn.comAdoptions; agricultural;
  guardianships; water
Evelyn Merritt200 Pine St.882-1426880-5564


Criminal defense; family
  law custody and divorce;
  contracts; business
Jerry Molatore426 Main St.884-7731882-9828


Wills; trusts; estates;
  business law; real property
Karen Oakes6502 S. 6th St.273-1650273-1653karen@basinbankruptcycenter.comDomestic relations,
  probate, and bankruptcy
Sarah V. Potter

404 Main St., Suite 3 
Thomas L. Potter IV

404 Main St., Suite 3 
Michael Ratliff905 Main Street, Suite


Nathan J. Ratliff

905 Main Street, Suite 200

882-6331883-8494 Criminal law; personal injury; contracts and business; family law; litigation
Peter Richard122 South 5th St.883-7754883-1756PeterRicha@aol.comCriminal law; domestic
  relations (divorce, support,
  custody, visitation);
  general trial work
Michael Rudd411 Pine St.882-6616882-8819Mike@brandsnessrudd.comBusiness entities; real
  property; trust law; estate
  and estate planning
Lisette Spencer419 Main St.850-2000883-9060lisette@mspencer.comFamily law; criminal law;
  elder law
Michael J. Swanson316 Main St.883-5147883-5107


Deputy District Attorney
James Uerlings803 Main Street, Suite 201884-8101884-8498jruelin@cdsnet.netBusiness organizations &
  transactions; estate
  planning; probate; trusts;
  guardianships; foreclosures
David Vandenberg620 North 1st Street
  Lakeview, OR  97630


Personal injury; domestic
  relations; criminal law;
  business litigation