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Department Phone Numbers

Phone Tree: (541)766-6828


Or direct dial by subject matter:


Accounting (AP/AR, Collections, Restitution, Bail Refunds): (541)766-6875

Adoptions (Last name A-L): (541)766-6705

Adoptions (Last name M-Z): (541)766-6813

Arbitration: (541)766-6825

Calendaring (For cases not assigned to a Judge): (541)766-6651

Note: For assigned cases, contact the Judicial Assistant of the assigned Judge

Cashier (Payments for Fines or Fees): (541)766-6823
Civil: (541)766-6825
Criminal (Felony or Misdemeanor cases):

Last Name A-K: (541)766-6379

Last Name L-Z: (541)766-6378

Domestic Relations (Divorce, Child Custody, etc...):

Last Name A-L: (541)766-6705

Last Name M-Z: (541)766-6813

Drug Treatment Court Coordinator: (541)766-6240
DUII Diversions: (541)766-6029
Evictions/Landlord-Tenant Disputes: (541)766-6829

Indigent Verification Specialist (Court-Appointed Attorneys): (541)766-6760

Technology: (541)766-6631

Jury Manager: (541)766-6880
Juvenile cases: (541)766-6880
Mediation/Parenting Class: (541)766-6705
Mental Health Holds/Civil Commitments: (541)766-6843
Probate: (541)766-6825
Restraining Orders (Family Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA)):

Last Name A-L: (541)766-6705

Last Name M-Z: (541)766-6813

Small Claims: (541)766-6829
Traffic or other tickets: (541)766-6823
Transcript Coordinator: (541)766-6854
Trial Court Administrator - Linda Hukari: (541)766-6859

Trial Court Supervisor - Eric Pointer: (541)766-6872​​