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Family Court Services

About Family Court Services

The family court services office of Yamhill County Circuit Court manages dissolutions of marriage (divorce), separation, annulments, unmarried parents custody and other types of cases that affect custody, parenting time or support.
The Family Court Services office is located on the first floor of the Yamhill County Courthouse, 535 E. 5th Street, Room 128, McMinnville, Oregon and is open 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for court holidays. Telephone: 503-434-7487.

Family Law Assistance Program

The purpose of the Family Law Assistance Program is to help the increasing number of self-represented parties involved in family law cases (divorce, separation, custody, parenting time or support issues).
The Family Law Assistance Program is part of a statewide effort to improve the accessibility of the court system to the public. This program is for people who are representing themselves in a family law court action. As part of this program, our Family Court Facilitator can assist self-represented (pro se) litigants learn about court processes, forms that may be available from the court and Oregon Judicial Department Web site, assist with reviewing documents, provide information about legal services and other resources available in the community.
All Family Law cases are serious. You are advised to consult with a lawyer. The Family Court Facilitator is not an attorney, cannot help with legal advice, tell you what legal action to take, fill out forms for you or plan court strategy and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or legal effects of the information contained in any written or verbal instructions or forms. The facilitator can provide you with some forms, try to answer basic questions about court procedure and is authorized to review paperwork with you before you try to file. In addition the facilitator can guide you to other legal resources in the community.
Please be aware the facilitator may also assist the opposing party. Any meeting or conversation you have with the facilitator is not confidential.
An appointment to have your forms reviewed can be scheduled by calling 503-434-3040.
Domestic relations cases involve making important decisions that will affect you and your family in the future and often involve complex legal issues that are difficult to handle without an attorney. Your rights may be substantially affected. You are strongly encouraged to seek legal assistance from a lawyer who will protect your interests. This is especially true if you have been married for ten or more years, you or your spouse have a retirement plan, own real property, have young children, or if either you or your spouse have significant health problems.

Yamhill County Approved Parenting Classes

2018 Kid's 1st Parenting Class Schedule

2017 Kid's 1st Parenting Class Schedule

Request for Waiver of Parenting Class


When a family law case is at issue, and minor children are involved, the case is put into mediation status. Mandatory mediation was established by court rule.
Parents must attend: 1. Mediation Orientation,
2. A Parenting Class which conforms to ORS 3.425,
3. A minimum of one session with a mediator.
For good cause, the Court may waive mediation. The parents must attend the mediation orientation a parenting class and subsequently file a motion for a waiver. The Court will then determine of participation is appropriate. In the event of good cause is determined, a waiver will be granted without prejudice to one parent or the other.
The cost of mediation is paid by a portion of the filing fee: 6 Hours - Initial Filings
4 Hours - Modification Filings
2 Hours - Enforcement/Violation of
Parenting Time
Other Information The mediator is a neutral third party, who is a state-certified professional, not a judge. The mediator will assist parents to reach a mutual understanding, will present information about children’s needs and development, will explain the practice of the court and may offer alternative options for resolving issues. PARENTS, not the mediator, will decide issues.
  The mediation process is confidential. The mediator will not be a witness in court and will not provide information (unless you give permission) to attorneys about what happens in mediation. This is to encourage parents to communicate in a frank and open manner without fear that what they say will be used against them in court.
  Participants in mediation are bound to mediate in good faith. This means that mediation is to be used in an attempt to discuss and resolve problems of custody and visitation. This is an opportunity for parents to determine what is in the best interests of your children.

Mediation Services in Yamhill County 

Mediation Coordinator 503-434-3040
Family Court Mediators Kathleen Horgan  
  119 NE Third Street  
  McMinnville, Oregon 97128  
  Jane Parisi-Mosher Peter Johnson
  414 NE Galloway Street 414 NE Galloway Street
  McMinnville, Oregon 97128 McMinnville, Oregon 97128
  503-472-0210 503-602-8166
Mediators For Many Other Types Of Cases "Your Community Mediators" 503-435-2835


 To view and/or print family court services local and/or statewide forms see family court services forms.



Brochures, Fliers and Written Materials

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Uninsured Reimbursement

Oregon law requires that all judgments involving children have a provision that addresses uninsured health expenses. Most divorce judgments require one party to provide health and/or dental insurance and that the parties are then to share (in a defined percentage) in the expense of those health matters not covered by insurance. Usually those include deductibles, co-pays, prescription medications, dental expenses, orthodontia expenses, visions expenses and counseling. Your judgment will define what expenses you are to share. It is important that parties share the information about uninsured expenses in a timely manner. This form is intended as an aid to help you provide that information to the other party. The instructions are on the form. It is recommended that you send these no less than quarterly and no more often than monthly. Always keep a copy for your own records. Oregon law does not require this form or procedure but you may find it useful.
Uninsured Expense Reimbursement Form