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Welcome to the Yamhill County Circuit Court

Judges are elected for a term of six years. Judges have the responsibility to resolve disputes brought before the Court in accordance with applicable laws.
Courtroom 241 The Honorable Ronald W. Stone, Presiding Judicial Assistant: Ms. Owens
Courtroom 218 The Honorable John L. Collins Judicial Assistant: Ms. Lawrence
Courtroom 236 The Honorable Cynthia L. Easterday Judicial Assistant: Ms. Olson
Courtroom 250 The Honorable Ladd J. Wiles Judicial Assistant: Ms. Niehus


Trial Court Administrator Tammera R. Dover The Trial Court Administrator (TCA) is responsible for all operations of the Court and reports directly to the Presiding Judge. The Court Supervisor, Technical Staff, Pretrial Staff, Calendaring Staff, and the Jury Clerk report directly to the TCA.
Operations Supervisor Karla Fry The Court Operations Supervisor reports to the TCA and supervises operational staff. The staff of the Civil, Criminal and Traffic, Family Law, and Judicial Support Units report directly to the Court Operations Supervisor.
​Operations Analyst ​Shane Curry The Court Operations Analyst reports to the TCA and supervises all staff who support courtrooms and judges.​



Telephone Directory

Main Number 503-434-7530  
Oregon Telecom Relay Service 1-800-676-3777 English
  1-800-735-3896 Spanish
Court Administration    
Accounting 503-434-7495  
Arbitration 503-435-3066  
Calendars / Interpreters 503-434-7489  
Cashier 503-434-7488  
Civil Information 503-434-7493  
Collections (Central Debt Management) 1-888-564-2828  
Court Administrator   Tammera R. Dover
Court Appointed Attorney 503-435-3078  
Criminal Information 503-434-3047  
Domestic Relations / Family Law 503-434-7487  
Drug Court   (see Treatment Court Coordinator)
FAX 503-472-5805 Administration
Family Court Facilitator 503-434-3040 Restraining Orders
Jury Coordinator 503-434-7498  
Juvenile Clerk 503-434-3037  
Kids First Information 503-434-7530 Extension: 4000
Landlord / Tenant 503-434-7491  
Mediation Coordinator 503-434-7487  
Probate 503-434-7493  
Small Claim and Eviction 503-434-7491  
Technical Support 503-434-3052  
Traffic and Wildlife 503-434-7494  
Transcript Coordinator 503-434-3044  
Treatment Coordinator 503-434-3050 (Includes Drug and CCS Courts)
Judicial Offices    
Judge Ronald W. Stone, Presiding Judge 503-434-7485 Judicial Assistant
Judge John L. Collins 503-434-7497 Judicial Assistant
Judge Cynthia L. Easterday 503-434-7486 Judicial Assistant
Judge Ladd J. Wiles 503-434-3054 Judicial Assistant
County Offices    
Clerk 503-434-7518 Brian Van Bergen
Commissioners 503-434-7501 Stan Primozich, Allen Springer, Mary Starrett
Corrections Department 503-434-7513 Ted Smietana 
District Attorney 503-434-7539 Brad Berry
Juvenile Department 503-434-7512 Ted Smietana
Sheriff 503-434-7506 Tim Svenson


Staff Assistance

Court staff can provide:   Oregon law prevents court staff from providing:
General information about court procedures, rules and practices.

Instructions and forms that the court developed for some proceedings (forms are not available for all legal proceedings).

Court schedules and information on how to get matters scheduled.

Public information in court records.

A list of low-cost or no-cost legal services available in the community.

Information about the Oregon State Bar's Lawyer Referral Service and TEL-LAW program.

The location of local law libraries that are open to the public.

  Advising or recommending one procedure, form, or pleading over another.

Advising what words to put on a form or what to say in court.

Suggesting what you "should do."

Speculating about the possible outcome of a pending court matter.

Recommending the services of a specific attorney or group of attorneys.

Remember: While court staff can provide general information about court procedures, ORS 9.160 prohibits court staff from giving legal advice. If you need legal advice, please contact a lawyer.


Ayuda del Personal

El personal del tribunal le puede facilitar:   Las leyes de Oregón impiden que el personal del tribunal:
Datos generales acerca de los procedimientos, las reglas y los métodos que se siguen en los tribunales.

Las instrucciones y formularios que los tribunales han preparado para ciertas diligencias (no hay formularios disponibles para todas las diligencias judiciales).

Los horarios de los tribunales y los datos necesarios para poder fijar citas para los casos.

La información pública contenida en los expedientes judiciales
Una lista de los servicios de asesoramiento legal gratuitos o de bajo costo que estén disponibles en la comunidad.

Información sobre el Servicio de Consulta con Abogados del Colegio de Abogados del Estado de Oregón y sobre el programa "TEL-LAW."

La ubicación de bibliotecas de derecho abiertas al público.
  Le aconseje o le recomiende el uso de un procedimiento, un formulario o un alegato o escrito en vez de otro.

Le aconseje acerca de las palabras que le conviene poner en un formulario o lo que le conviene decir en la audiencia
Le sugiera "lo que debería hacer."

Teorice acerca del resultado posible de una causa pendiente frente al tribunal.

Recomiende a un abogado o a un grupo de abogados en particular.

Recuerde: Si bien el personal del tribunal le puede facilitar datos generales sobre los procedimientos judiciales, el ORS 9.160 no permite que el personal del tribunal preste asesoramiento legal. Si necesita asesoramiento legal, tenga la bondad de comunicarse con un abogado.

Family Court Services

The family court services office of Yamhill County Circuit Court manages dissolutions of marriage (divorce), separation, annulments, unmarried parents custody and other types of cases that affect custody, parenting time or support.
The Family Court Services office is located on the second floor of the Yamhill County Courthouse, 535 E. 5th Street, Room 135, McMinnville, Oregon and is open 8:00 AM to 12:00 noon and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, except for court holidays.
For more information about family court services or to print forms see the family court services page.

Request An Interpreter

Yamhill Circuit Court will provide an Interpreter for any individual who needs assistance to understand or participate in any Court proceeding. The Interpreter Coordinator must be notified as soon as possible, but at least two (2) days before any hearing.

If a court participant needs an Interpreter for a language other than Spanish or for a trial please contact the Interpreter Coordinator at least thirty (30) days before any trial.

The following information must be provided when requesting an Interpreter: the name of the person who will need the Interpreter, on what day and what time the interpreter is needed, in which courtroom the interpreter will be expected to provide the service, and which language is required to be interpreted.

Sign Interpreters are available for the hearing impaired.

Interpreters may be requested using either of the following telephone numbers:

(503) 434-7489

Individuals who are interested in providing interpreter services may obtain official certification from Court Interpreter Services located in the Office of the State Court Administrator. You may telephone 503-986-5500 and speak with a representative.

Solicitud para interpete asignado por la corte

La corte del circuito del condado de Yamhill proveerá un intérprete para cualquier individuo quien necesita ayuda para entender o participar en cualquier procedimiento de corte. Se tiene que notificar al coordinador de intérpretes lo más pronto possible, pero por lo menos dos (2) días antes de cualquier comparecencia.

Si un participante necesita un intérprete para un idioma aparte del español o para juicio por favor contacte al coordinador de intérpretes por lo menos treinta (30) días antes de cualquier juicio.

Cuando solicita un intérprete se tiene que proveer a la siguiente información: el nombre de la persona necesitando intérprete, en qué día y a qué hora se necesita intérprete, en cuál tribunal espera que el intérprete preste sus servicios, y qué idioma necesita que séa interpretado.

Hay intérpretes de señas para los que tienen impedimento de oído.

Se pueden pedir intérpretes al usar a cualquier de los siguientes números telefónicos:

(503) 434-7489

Personas a quienes les interesa proveer servicios de intérprete pueden obtener certificación official del servicio de intérpretes de corte localizado en la oficina del administrador de la corte estatal. Puede llamar al 503-986-5500 y hablar con un representante.

Specialty Courts

Drug Court
The Yamhill County Circuit Court established the Adult Drug Court Program in 1997.  The Adult Drug Court Program is intended to help persons who have a drug problem. Participants are required to commit themselves to 18 months in the program. During that time participants attend intensive drug/alcohol treatment with as many as 3 group sessions per week and 4 court appearances monthly. As progress is made in treatment, less frequent court appearances will be required. Random substance abuse tests and a minimum of 3 community recovery support group participation meetings per week are required to support progress. Participants are also required to attain and maintain suitable housing and employment and/or be enrolled in school.

Mental Health Court
Court Coordinated Services is a voluntary diversion program designed especially for people with mental illness or developmental disabilities. Instead of going through the usual court process, which might ultimately result in fines and/or probation, the defendant is offered an opportunity to participate in mental health treatment.

Eligibility for this program is limited to persons who reside in Yamhill County. The defendant must be diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness or a developmental disability by someone who is qualified to make such a diagnosis. Only certain offenses, approved by the district attorney, are eligible for this diversion program.

If court coordinated services seems appropriate for you, your client, or for someone that you know who is facing criminal charges, you may obtain additional information by contacting Alene Jacobs, the Treatment Court Coordinator, in Room 238 of the Yamhill County Courthouse. Or, call 503-434-3050.

Family Drug Court
The Yamhill County Circuit Court established the Family Drug Court Program in 2006.

The Family Drug Court Program is funded by a grant from the Byrne Foundation and serves pregnant and/or parenting women who are addicted to methamphetamine. Participants may have a criminal charge, a dependency case or both.   Much like adult drug court, Family Drug Court is a combination of personal accountability and support through drug treatment, court peers, self-help recovery support group participation, regular urine testing, regular appearance before the Family Drug Court judge, and other measures supporting accountability and successful treatment.

General Information

Representing Yourself in Selected Matters