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Adult Drug Court

The Washington County Adult Drug Court is a criminal court program designed for individuals who would struggle to fulfill probation obligations because of drug addiction.  Judge Beth L. Roberts  administers the Adult Drug Court program with representatives from the Washington County District Attorney’s Office, the Washington County Probation Department, the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, representatives from the Public Defender’s Office, and representatives from the Washington County treatment community and treatment programs.

The Washington County Adult Drug Court Mission Statement

The mission of the Washington County Adult Drug Court is to change people’s lives, break the cycle of addiction, reunite families and promote community safety.

The Key Components of Drug Courts

All drug courts, including the Washington County Adult Drug Court, must comply with the following key components1:

  • Drug Courts integrate drug and alcohol treatment services with justice system case processing;
  • Using a non-adversarial approach, prosecution and defense counsel promote public safety while protecting participants’ due process rights;
  • Drug courts provide access to a continuum of drug, alcohol, and other related treatment and rehabilitation services;
  • Abstinence is monitored by frequent drug and alcohol testing;
  • A coordinated strategy governs drug court responses to participants’ compliance;
  • Ongoing judicial interaction with each drug court participant is essential;
  • Monitoring and evaluation measure the achievement of program goals and gauge effectiveness;
  • Continuing interdisciplinary education promotes effective drug court planning, implementation, and operations;
  • Forging partnerships among drug courts, public agencies, and community-based organizations generates local support and enhances drug court.

(1) Drug Court Program: Office, Defining Drug Courts: The Key Components, January, 1997.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where does Adult Drug Court take place?

Adult Drug Court is held every Monday at 2:30pm, in courtroom 304C, located at the Main Courthouse building.

What are the eligibility requirements of the program?

Please click HEREfor a full list of eligibility requirements and exclusionary criteria.

How does someone qualify for the Adult Drug Court Program?

In order for a prospective participant to join the Adult Drug Court Program, the individual must be referred to a member of the Adult Drug Court Staffing Team.  Typically, an individual will be referred by the Adult Drug Court representative from the Washington County District Attorney’s Office.  The Deputy District Attorney involved in the program will review the individual’s criminal history to determine if he or she has any matters that would exclude him or her from the program.  If the Deputy District Attorney does not have an objection to the applicant being admitted, then the Adult Drug Court Probation Officer and Treatment Supervisor will interview the prospective participant to determine if that individual would be a good fit for the program.  Finally, the applicant must observe Adult Drug Court before being admitted.

How does an individual get referred to Adult Drug Court?

A defendant who is on probation can be referred for entry into Adult Drug Court by the representative from the Washington County District Attorney’s office.  Requests for a review for entry into Adult Drug Court should be made by your defense counsel.  If you are interested in a referral into the program, then please contact your defense counsel regarding whether the program is a good fit for you.

How long does Adult Drug Court last and what is involved?

The Adult Drug Court Program lasts a minimum of fifteen (15) months, but the program can last longer depending on the participant’s progress.There are five (5) phases to the Adult Drug Court Program that a participant must complete before he or she is able to graduate.  Each phase contains its own goals and objectives for the participant to complete.  Once the participant has completed all goals required in a particular phase, that participant must complete an application to advance to the next phase. Please click HEREfor a description of each Adult Drug Court phase.

What are the benefits of completing the program successfully and graduating from Adult Drug Court?

Upon successful completion of all five (5) phases of Adult Drug Court, the participant will graduate from the program at a graduation proceeding.  At the graduation proceeding, the participant will have their probation successfully terminate, and may have the original charges dismissed.

Where can I get more information about Adult Drug Court?

Please click HEREfor a list of contact information for the Adult Drug Court program.  

Additionally, you can find more information about the Adult Drug Court program by clicking on the following link(s):

Washington County Adult Drug Court Program Petition. (for reference use only)