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Expungement of Arrest and/or Conviction

By law (ORS 9.160), Court staff are not allowed to give legal advice. If you have legal questions regarding the expungement process, please consult an attorney, research your question at your local law library, or visit the Oregon State Bar web site for further information.


The Criminal Department includes an Expungement Clerk available to assist individuals wishing to set aside a criminal matter from their record.

Expungement is the process by which a criminal conviction and/or arrest is destroyed and erased from court records. The Oregon Statute regarding this process is ORS 137.225.

During this process, you will be asked to provide specific information about yourself and the incident in question. This information is needed to confirm your identity and the possible location of the records so that, if your request is granted, those records can be sealed.

ORS 137.225 discusses three different situations. The process for dealing with each situation is slightly different. The following are three examples. Please read each example carefully before choosing which applies in your instance. In all three examples, the crime for which you were arrested or convicted of must have been within the jurisdiction of the Washington County District Attorney for prosecution.


1. You were arrested, but a charge was never filed with the court. You may have been told that a complaint was not filed against you.

2. You were arrested and a complaint was filed against you. The charge was later dismissed or you were acquitted. You were not convicted on any charge resulting from the arrest.

3. You were arrested and convicted of a crime.

Please follow these links to obtain expungement packets online.

A. Expungement packet for arrests, dismissals, no complaint, or not filed cases.

B. Expungement packet for arrests and convictions.