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Justices of the Oregon Supreme Court

Oregon Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the highest court in the Oregon judicial branch. The court has seven elected justices. They choose one of their own to serve a six-year term as Chief Justice. The only court that may reverse or modify a decision of the Oregon Supreme Court is the United States Supreme Court.

For a more detailed description of the Supreme Court, see An Introduction to the Courts of Oregon. For information on fees, transcripts, appellate case processing, and sample forms, see Appellate Court Records.

If you are looking for information on a pending case, please note that the court does not announce more than one day in advance when it will issue an opinion. You can find the opinions and any announcements about opinions the court expects to issue the next day on the Opinions page. For other information on pending cases, please contact Appellate Court Records.

Supreme Court Building Project

The 2017 Legislative Assembly adopted SB 5505 which provided for capital land acquisition, planning, construction, modifications, and improvements of state buildings.  This bill included $6.0 million in Article XI-Q bonding authority for six years to be used for the planning and first stages of the Supreme Court Building interior modernization project. The project will replace major infrastructure systems such as plumbing, heating/cooling and electrical. This project will also fund seismic protection upgrades to preserve this historic building for use and enjoyment of future generations. The Supreme Court Building interior modernization will not change or otherwise affect the historic features in the building. Construction is currently expected to begin in the summer of 2019 with full completion in approximately the spring of 2021.