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Drug Court:

Rafael A. Caso, Treatment Court Judge

Polk County Drug Court is structured to accept both front-end and back-end offenders. Participants are either charged in a new criminal case or with a probation violation (PV). Upon successful completion, new charges or PVs are dismissed.

Family Facilitation Program:

The Family Court Self-Help Program is a part of a statewide effort to improve access to justice for persons representing themselves in family law cases. Family Court Facilitation is provided weekly on Wednesdays at 9:00AM and 1:15PM. Dates of classes are available at court records office on 3rd floor of the court house.

Family Facilitation Program Brochure

Resource Judges

The following have been approved by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in accordance with ORS 3.300

  • Donald Kalberer
  • Paul J. Lipscomb
  • Sid Brockley
  • Gilbert Feibleman
  • R. William Riggs

Mediation Program:

The Polk County Parent Education Program and Mediation Orientation is a program offered to help keep court costs down and prvide litigants with a way to resolve disputes and come to an agreement in domestic relations cases.


Cory Folkert              503-623-1877
Treatment Court Coordinator
Cassandra Moore     503-623-3154
Family Facilitator


Arbitration Program:

Arbitration is a procedure, much like a trial but less formal. Instead of a decision being made by a judge or jury, an arbitrator hears the evidence and makes a decision.

Polk County Courts Arbitors