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Fee Schedule

Polk County Courts has provided various forms in Portable Document Format (PDF) for their customers. In order to view and print the PDF files, you need to install the appropriate Acrobat Reader on your PC, Macintosh, or UNIX workstation.   

NOTE:  Fee Schedule is effective January 1, 2018

Fee Schedule

We hope the above auto calculating worksheet will be of particular value to attorneys and their staff.   The worksheet is in Microsoft Office Excel and should simplify the task of determining the fee owed on a given pleading.  To use the calculator you will need to have Excel installed on your computer.   If you have questions about these fees you are encouraged to contact the court in which you wish to file a pleading.


Below are Fee and Additional Party Grids in various sizes in PDF format to help you determine correct filing fees.

 They are in PDF format to help you determine correct filing fees.


Grid 1 (20x20)      Grid 2 (10x10)      Grid 3  (10x20)