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Other Courts

Other Courts Municipal, county, and justice courts are "local" courts outside the state-funded court system. Their jurisdiction is limited to violations, lesser crimes, and some other less serious cases.

Here are links to general information in the Oregon Bluebook on

Oregon also has a federal trial court, federal bankruptcy court, federal appellate court, and trial and appellate tribal courts.

For information on federal courts in Oregon, go to the federal government's portal, FirstGov.

For information on tribal courts in Oregon, go to the website for the Commission on Indian Services.

Although the state court system has no administrative control over local courts, state law requires the State Court Administrator to establish a registry of municipal and justice courts. Cities and counties must provide information about their courts to the State Court Administrator.

In 2007, the legislature began requiring local courts to file a declaration with the Oregon Supreme Court as a precondition to operating, or ceasing to operate, as a court record. There is no set form for filing the declaration, although applicable requirements can be found in ORS chapters 51 (justice courts) and 221 (municipal courts). Status as a court of record affects where to file appeals from a judgment entered in a local court. For a list of courts that have filed declarations to operate as a court of record, see Justice/Municipal Courts of Record.