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Oregon Judicial Districts

This map of Oregon shows all 36 counties and the 27 judicial districts. Most judicial districts contain only one county; however there are a few districts that have two or more counties. The interactive map below uses four different shades of blue to differentiate which counties are in which judicial district. The map also shows the three character acronym of each county and that county's judicial district indicated by the red circles. Click on a county to view the county's full name, courthouse picture, and link to their website. The map colors have sufficient contrast to show district boundaries clearly when viewed or printed in either color or greyscale.

See the legend below the map for more information.

Map Item ​Description
Map Colors- There are a total of four unique shades of blue on the map. These four shades of blue represent each judicial district boundary. When you hover over and/ or click a county, the color of that county will change to yellow.
District Number- There are a total of 27 judicial districts; each district is labeled with a red circle. On districts that contain more than one county, the judicial district marker is placed in the middle of the group of counties that it represents.
High Courts Marker- There are a total of three high level courts in the State of Oregon located in Salem. These courts include the Supreme Court, the Appellate Court, and the Tax Court. Click on one of these markers to see more information on the high court.

County Acronym Marker- There are a total 36 counties in Oregon; each is labeled on the map with a three letter acronym. See the list below for the acronym to county name conversion.

  1. BAK - Baker
  2. BEN - Benton
  3. CLA - Clackamas
  4. CLT - Clatsop
  5. COL - Columbia
  6. COO - Coos
  7. CRO - Crook
  8. CUR - Curry
  9. DES - Deschutes
  10. DOU - Douglas
  11. GIL - Gilliam
  12. GRA - Grant
  13. HAR - Harney
  14. HOO - Hood River
  15. JAC - Jackson
  16. JEF - Jefferson
  17. JOS - Josephine
  18. KLA - Klamath
  19. LAK - Lake
  20. LAN - Lane
  21. LIN - Linn
  22. LNC - Lincoln
  23. MAL - Malheur
  24. MAR - Marion
  25. MOR - Morrow
  26. MUL - Multnomah
  27. PLK - Polk
  28. SHE - Sherman
  29. TIL - Tillamook
  30. UMA - Umatilla
  31. UNI - Union
  32. WAL - Wallowa
  33. WAS - Wasco
  34. WHE -Wheeler
  35. WSH - Washington
  36. YAM - Yamhill