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General Information

These pages provide general information on all levels of courts in Oregon and specific information on Oregon’s state judicial branch and state court administration.

  • An Introduction to the Courts of Oregon - Throughout history, people have had disputes and have needed some means to settle their disputes. As civil societies develop, they need an orderly system of conflict resolution. One system that developed in "western" cultures is the "law court" or court of law.
  • Oregon Judicial Districts - This is a map of Oregon that shows all 36 counties and the 27 judicial districts. Most judicial districts contain only one county. 
  • Appeals in Oregon Courts - The Supreme Court has original jurisdiction in mandamus, quo warranto, habeas corpus. The Supreme Court also reviews death penalty cases, ballot title challenges, and judge/attorney disciplinary matters.
  • Mission, Goals, and Core Values - As a separate and independent branch of government, we provide fair and accessible justice services that protect the rights of individuals, preserve community welfare and inspire public confidence.
  • Office of the State Court Administrator - The Office of the State Court Administrator oversees an integrated state court system, promotes efficient statewide improvement, and supports local courts in responding to community and statewide needs.
  • Job Opportunities - Working for and with the state judicial branch combines the ideals, challenges, and rewards of public service. We offer both paid and volunteer positions. We are proud of the gifted and dedicated people who work here.
  • Statistics and Other Reports - The Office of the State Court Administrator compiles case statistics and issues regular 6-month reports on Circuit Court case statistics. 
  • Public Records - The Office of the State Court Administrator has a policy and request form to help people request public records and to help state court staff provide public records.

Other Offices in the Judicial Branch

The state judicial branch includes four offices that are not part of the state court system:

Access to Justice

For further information on state courts' efforts around the country to ensure access to justice, see: