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OJD Courts ePay

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OJD Courts ePay allows you to pay online for many types of court cases, including most traffic citations and many criminal & civil cases. You can conveniently pay by credit or debit card, and payments will be posted to your case within one business day. NOTE: OJD ePay does not accept payments for cases in Municipal, County, and Justice courts, which are "local" courts outside the OJD state-funded court system. Check your paperwork or citation for your “local” court contact information.

By using OJD Courts ePay to make a payment on a violation case, you will be entering a plea of no contest, which means you cannot request a trial or ask that your fine be reduced. If you want to request a trial or ask the court to reduce your fine, do not use OJD Courts ePay and follow the instructions on the citation you received. See the Terms and Conditions for specific information.

NOTE: Some cases require an appearance in court. A $1.50 processing fee will be assessed per transaction. It may take as much as 15 days for a citation to be available for online payment. Parking citations in Multnomah County (Portland area) take at least 48 hours to be available for online payment.