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Statistics and Other Reports



The Office of the State Court Administrator compiles annual case statistics and reports. It runs other statistical and financial reports as needed to

  • prepare fiscal impact statements for pending legislation
  • measure court workload needs for judges or staff
  • report to the legislature on the state of the state court system

From 2012-2016, the circuit courts are transitioning from a 1980's COBOL-based case managment system (OJIN) to its Oregon eCourt system.  This means annual individual court reports will not be fully reported again on this website until 2017.

The Judicial Department also issues other reports on the state of Oregon courts and their work.

Oregon Judicial Department Annual Reports

A limited number of printed copies of the reports are available. To request a copy, contact the Executive Services Division of the Office of the State Court Administrator, 503.986.5500. To request a copy of a report in an alternative format, please contact the state courts' Statewide ADA Coordinator at 503.986.5898 or 1.800.551.8510 ext. 65898.

Strategic Plans

Oregon Chief Justice's State of the Court Address

2017-19 Chief Justice's Recommended Budget

2017-19 Chief Justice's Budget Full Document (Special Reports are not included) - PDF

Document by Sections:

  • Cover and Spine -PDF
  • Title Pages and Table of Contents -PDF
  • Organization - PDF
  • Legislative Action -PDF
  • Department Summary -PDF
  • Revenues -PDF
  • Appellate and Tax Courts -PDF
  • Trial Courts - PDF
  • Administration Central -PDF
  • Judicial Compensation-PDF
  • Technology Fund -PDF
  • Debt Service -PDF
  • Mandated Payments -PDF
  • State Court Facilities - PDF
  • Third Party Collections -PDF
  • Pass Throughs -PDF
  • Capital Budgeting -PDF
  • Special Reports:
    • Affirmative Action Report  - PDF
    • OJD 2015 Annual Report - PDF
    • 2014-19 Strategic Plan - PDF
    • Workload Assessments - PDF
    • eBoard Letter - PDF
    • CRB Annual Report - PDF
    • CRB 5-Year Strategic Plan - PDF
    • CJC Recidivism Analysis - PDF
    • ORBITS Reports - PDF
    • PICS Reports - PDF

Court of Appeals Annual Reports


Reports of the Joint Committee on Oregon Trial Court Judicial Resources (New Judgeships Recommendations)

Affirmative Action (AA) Plans

  • 2017 Affirmative Action Report

 Court Reengineering and Efficiency Workgroup