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Strategic Plan

The Oregon Judicial Department develops a five-year strategic plan following OJD fiscal year cycles. Values embodied in the individual goals and strategies set forth in this plan derive from, and align closely with, the values and goals that first appeared in the judicial branch’s original strategic vision document published in 1995. The Chief Justice’s Court Reengineering and Efficiencies Workgroup will work with this plan, and with the courts and administrative staff, to bring these strategies to fruition.





2014-2019 Strategic Plan

Flash version - A nice interactive format which allows for the turning of pages via clicking on the corners of the pages. Not compatible with iPads, iPhones, nor printable.

PDF version - A format that works across most computer platforms. Allows for two-page viewing and for printing. (To enable two-page viewing, you may need to download the document to your computer, first,.  Then open the PDF, right-click on the document, and select "Page Display Preferences". Select "Two Up" in the "Page Layout" option. Then under the "Category" column, click the "Full Screen" category, and ensure that the "Fill screen with one page at a time" option is unchecked. Close and reopen the PDF for the effects to take place.)

Prior versions

2009-2013 Strategic Plan (published in 2009)

2001 White Paper on the Oregon Judicial Department Vision Project (published in 2001)

Justice 2020: A Vision for Oregon's Courts (published in 1995)