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Juvenile Drug Court (STAR Court)

General Information

Marion County's Juvenile Drug Court, STAR Court (Supervised Treatment and Recovery) is a strength-based program available for adolescents between the ages of 14 and 17 who are on probation for non-violent offenses and who present with a substance abuse problem.
STAR Court takes a team approach to provide intensive outpatient treatment, mental health, case management, educational assistance, and family support in a court managed setting. Program capacity is 30 participants and their families.
Program Referral
STAR Court Referrals can be made by:
  • Marion County Juvenile Probation
  • Oregon Youth Authority Parole and Probation
  • Defense attorneys
  • Judge
  • Parents
  • STAR Court Team Members
STAR Court Team
The STAR Court team consists of:
  • Marion County Circuit Court Judge
  • Marion County District Attorney
  • Marion County Juvenile Probation Officers
  • Oregon Youth Authority Parole Officers
  • Drug and Alcohol Counselors
  • Defense Attorney
  • STAR Court Coordinator

More Information

For more information, contact STAR Court at 503.584.4831.

Angela Combs
Adult Drug Court Coordinator

Phone: 503.584.7741

Janalee Weitman
Juvenile Drug (STAR) and Fostering Attachment Court Coordinator

Phone: 503.584.4831

Marion County Courthouse
100 High St. NE
Salem, Oregon

Marion County Juvenile Department
3030 Center St. NE
Salem, Oregon