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Family Law Self Help

The Family Law Department is part of a statewide effort to improve access to justice for persons representing themselves in family law cases. Family Law court staff operate under the provisions of Oregon Revised Statute 3.428, with the authorization to provide the following services:

  • Educational materials
  • Court forms (for a small fee)
  • Assistance in reviewing completed forms
  • Information about court procedures
  • Referrals to agencies and resources that provide legal and other services to parents or children

It is important to note that as a self-represented litigant, you are acting as your own attorney. Although this service might aid you in doing that, it is not a replacement for legal advice nor should it be considered so. Court staff are prohibited from engaging in the unlawful practice of law.

If you want to have your documents reviewed prior to filing and choose to use the Interactive Guide and File Interview available on the Oregon Judicial Department’s website, you must save your interview and print your forms without submitting your filing.  Please bring your completed forms to your document review appointment.  If you complete the Interactive Guide and File Interview and submit your filing electronically, we are not able to review your forms.

Forms and instructions are available for a small fee or may be downloaded from the Oregon Judicial Department’s website. Check the fee schedule to determine what filing fee is due. A request to defer (pay at a later time) filing fees is available in the forms section of this site.

Some of the forms available to start or respond to a court action include:

  • Dissolution
  • Separation
  • Unmarried parents: custody, parenting time and child support
  • Modification: custody, parenting time and/or support
  • Enforcement of a custody or parenting time judgment

Other forms and information, on topics such as parenting plans, child support, and confidentiality of personal information are also available. Contact the Family Law Department for more information, or visit the Oregon Judicial Department’s website to browse through the forms.

Information about child support is available through the Family Law Department, and through the Division of Child Support. A child support calculator is available online through the Division of Child Support. Information about locating a parent, and establishing, enforcing and modifying a support order can be found here.


For information about available court enforcement options when parenting is being denied, click here.

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Family Law Department

Phone: 503.373.4349

Marion County Courthouse
100 High St. NE
Salem, Oregon