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*** In February 2017, Marion County Circuit Court started moving all of its courtrooms to a new recording system. Attorneys who want to use a document camera or DVD player will need to request that through the judicial staff, but otherwise everything -- laptop presentation capabilities, video conferencing, audio conferencing -- will be built in to every courtroom. All but the juvenile courtrooms should be moved to the new system by July 1, 2017. ***


Wireless Internet Access for Attorneys and Jurors

The court offers publicly accessible wireless Internet access at all three of its locations. The court does not guarantee access, availability or speed and does not provide technical support to users of the publicly available wireless network.

Assisted Listening Devices

All courtrooms (except the one in the 3030 Juvenile building) are equipped with wireless assisted listening devices. Jurors should request a device from the jury coordinator. Others should request a device from the courtroom clerk. All assisted listening devices must be returned to the courtroom clerk at the end of each day. Click here for a list of available devices.

Phone Conferencing

All courtrooms are equipped for as many as two external parties to appear by phone. If you would like to schedule a phone conference, please contact your judge’s office.
If you will be appearing by phone, please keep these recommendations in mind:
  • Use a landline whenever possible
  • If you must use a cell phone, do not use the speakerphone feature
  • Make sure you are in a quiet location

Video Conferencing

Most courtrooms are equipped with video conference capabilities. As many as three parties can appear remotely via video conference. The court is not responsible for securing equipment or a location for other parties to appear remotely via video conference. In January 2014, the court started supporting parties who connect using a computer with an attached webcam. The court does not support FaceTime or Skype. To schedule a video conference, please contact your judge’s office.

Presentation Carts

The court offers two permanent evidence presentation carts – in courtrooms 1B and 2A – and one portable presentation cart that must be shared among the rest of the courtrooms at the courthouse. There are no presentation carts at the court annex or juvenile courtrooms.
Everything presented from a cart is displayed via a projector and screen and put directly into the record. The presentation carts offer four different inputs:
  • VCR
  • DVD player
  • Document viewer
  • Laptop connectivity
The DVD player will play MP3 and WAV audio files and DVD Video-formatted DVDs. It will not play most computer formats. The document viewer displays paper documents and transparencies.
The laptop ports offer audio and video input. The audio input connects to your laptop's headphone jack. For video input, your laptop must have a VGA-out port. The court does not provide video or audio adapters and cannot guarantee that the presentation carts will work with adapters you provide. Your laptop also must support one of these resolutions: 800x600, 1024x768 or 1280x1024.
Please note that the court does not offer laptops to be used in court and that the presentation carts do not support iPads, iPhones or other similar devices.
Demand for the evidence presentation carts is high, and the portable cart is often reserved months in advance. If you would like to schedule their use, please contact your judge’s office as soon as possible.

TV Carts

The court maintains several older-style TV carts. Most have either a Blu-Ray player or a VCR/DVD combo player. The DVD players will play MP3 and WAV audio files and DVD Video-formatted DVDs. They will not play most computer formats. The Blu-Ray players will play those formats plus Blu-Ray discs. They also will not play most computer formats.
If you would like to reserve a TV cart, please contact your judge’s office. You also should test your disc to make sure that it will play back in a standard DVD player or Blu-Ray player.

Marion County Circuit Court
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