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Jackson County Circuit Court requires some special forms for various types of filings.  If filing in Jackson County and forms are provided here, please use those forms for filing instead of the statewide forms.


Military Service Declaration Required for Default Judgment

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), Pub. L. No. 108-109 (2003) provides for the temporary suspension of civil proceedings for persons in active military duty and activated reservists. To comply with SCRA, the party requesting a judgment must submit a declaration stating whether or not the other party is in the military service before the court may enter a judgment against a person who has not appeared in a civil proceeding.

If the party requesting judgment does not have knowledge about the military status of the other party, reasonable efforts should be made to make this determination. If you have the other party's social security number, you may request a search through the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) website.  Whatever efforts you make to determine the other party's status should be documented in your declaration.


Statewide Forms

OJD offers Statewide Forms (paper forms and interactive online forms), Local Circuit Court forms, forms found in Local Supplementary Rules, and Uniform Trial Court Rule forms. Go to the OJD Forms page to access the best OJD form required for your case.

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Expungement of Criminal Record / Arrest
General Civil Forms
Jackson County Family Law Forms
Landlord / Tenant
Mental Health Court Forms
Name Changes
Restraining Orders / Family Abuse Prevention Act
Small Claims
Statewide Family Law Forms


Paper forms

You may print and fill out the following forms. Once completed, the forms should be filed with the clerk at the Jackson County Courthouse.

Court Records

Audio Request Form

Written Transcript Request Form


Family Law Forms for Jackson County

To access the Family Forms specific to Jackson County please Click here

Statewide Family Law Forms

To access the Statewide Family Law forms please Click here

Oregon Judicial Department Forms

Please click here for forms available on the Oregon Judicial Department website.