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Court Rules

Uniform Trial Court Rules (UTCRs)

The UTCRs are the Chief Justice's rules for all Oregon circuit courts. The rules promote just, speedy, and inexpensive case resolution; efficient use of court time and resources; and uniform, consistent practice in every judicial district. View the current UTCRs.

Supplementary Local Rules (SLRs) - Clackamas County Circuit Court

SLRs are the rules adopted by Circuit Courts to govern local practice. SLR must be consistent with Uniform Trial Court Rules (UTCR), State Law, and Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure.  View the current Supplementary Local Rules for the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for Clackamas County, the Fifth Judicial District.

Presiding Judge Orders

New - Presiding Judge Order no. 2016-2 was issued by Judge Robert Herndon on January 13, 2016 regarding the requirement that a starting instrument must be filed and a case number assigned prior to requesting the court issue an order in the case. View the order.