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Location Setup for Court of Appeals Guidelines

Physical Layout:
Auditorium or similar facility that can accommodate the following. Please see diagram below for layout of the following.:
  • Room with an entrance close to judges' bench to allow judges to robe.  This can be a screened-off area
  • For judges:  
    One long table on risers, with skirting, and three chairs.  
    This can be an eight-foot table or two six-foot tables pushed together.
    If judges are up higher on a stage, it is not necessary to add risers.
  • For bailiff:  
    One table, no less than five feet, and 2 chairs
  • Two counsel tables, each with two chairs
  • One podium
  • 1 U.S. flag--situate on right and behind of presiding judge
    1 state flag--situate on left and behind of presiding judge
  • Seating for audience
 The School is Asked to Provide:
  • Designated parking area (10 spaces if possible) for judges, counsel, and bailiff (the bailiff brings the "traveling court" equipment and needs the space closest to the entrance to the "courtroom")
  • Map of school complex, identifying area where arguments will be heard and parking area
  • Bell schedule for classes (if the bell schedule will be followed)
  • Audio/sound equipment to amplify arguments to audience (4 microphones for court use and, if available, 1 microphone for audience use in asking questions of court)
  • Door monitors (to provide limited activity during arguments)
  • Bottles of water or pitchers of water and cups for judges and counsel
The Court Will Provide:
  • Copies of summaries of the cases (these will come to you prior to the court sitting)
  • The argument schedule
  • A copy of bench sheet indicating the cases and attorneys that will be arguing
Courtroom Etiquette:
  • The audience should stand when the judges enter or leave the "courtroom"
  • Attentiveness to speakers
  • Please communicate to the students that they should stand and talk loudly when asking questions (or use the microphone, if provided)
  • No cell phones
  • Please refrain from:
    Changing seats
    Food and drink
    Slouching in seats
    Taking pictures other than at designated times.  Permission to take pictures must be obtained from the court prior to arguments.
Layout Diagram:   ​

Image of Courtroom Layout