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Filing Fees

CURRENT FEE SCHEDULE                                                                                      Pay by phone: 1-888-564-2828.




Effective Janaury 1, 2015

Chief Justice Order No. 14-066: Order Setting Circuit Court Fees and Superseding CJO 13-064 (see below)

Chief Justice Order No. 11-027: Order Establishing Procedures to Comply with Statutory Collection Fee Requirements in Oregon Circuit and Appellate Courts on Judgments Entered on or After July 1, 2011


Effective until December 31, 2014

Chief Justice Order No. 13-064: Order establishing copy fees and other miscellaneous circuit court fees pursuant to ORS 21.258


Older Chief Justice Orders

Chief Justice Order No. 11-059: Order Setting a Circuit Court Fee Under Oregon Laws 2011, Chapter 595, Section 72 for Pending Case Filings Received nn or After October 1, 2011
Chief Justice Order No. 05-048: Order Setting Miscellaneous Fees Under ORS 21.325(8) and Implementing UTCR 2.110(4)(d); Applicable to Circuit Courts